Giant ichneumon wasp

7084.        Woke up September 21 @about 9:30AM, and went outside on baçc porch 4 a cigarette.. Had a blanket balled up on chair i sit on. I went to remove blanket to sit 4 a smoke and it fell out on ground.. i stomped him out quicc! Lol
He had a big ass stinger lookin thing, so I had 2 sho him im not 2 be tested or played wit so i gave him da biznesss asap 2 establish dominance & sho all tha other neighborhood bugs in area who da bigg homie is!! Cambridge, Ontario. Canada

Number 7084. I’m afraid that you killed a ‘good guy’ (actually a gal); it’s a female Megarhyssa macrurus, a giant ichneumon wasp (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae). They use their long ovipositor to bore into tree trunks and deposit their eggs in the tunnels of woodwasp larvae upon which their own larvae will feed. Click here for a video of them in action.