Flat-backed millipede

6925.      Hi i know I do not live in Canada but I was hoping that you could tell me what kind of bug this is. I have now seen two of them and where do they come from? NEW YORK, NY. United States

Number 6925. This is a flat-backed millipede, Diplopoda: Polydesmida; they are very common outdoors in moist, shady habitats. The vast majority of these are harmless scavengers on decomposing organic matter. One species, the so-called garden millipede, can damage very tender plants. Click here for an image

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  1. Carah Lucas-Hill says:

    This is Carah again I wanted to thank you guys so much for your response even if I am not Canadian this was relieving and I appreciate you so much. I strongly recommend this website if you have ever seen a bug in your house and need help figuring out what kind it is. They know everything!!!!!!!

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