Female German cockroach

6757.   I have lived in this apartment complex for over two years and have never seen any bugs to be concerned about, except for the attached pictures. This was taken in Toronto, Canada, January 18, 2020. Temperatures have been minus -15 Celcius in the past couple of days.

About my environment:
– 12th floor (if that changes anything)
– I wash my bathroom and kitchen monthly with a bleach mix
– I wash everything else weekly with normal cleaner
– Generally do not have any food out (other than food waste in garbage), and fresh fruits and vegetables which I buy every other day. + Pantry with dry items such as pasta, canned goods, etc.
– I have a humidifier in the living room and in my bedroom (if relevant)

About the bug:
– Never seen before in the two years I’ve been here (looks like a baby roach to me, which is my concern)
– As soon as I saw it i creeped up on it, and put it in a container, and then right in the freezer. (after taking the pictures I put the container back in the freezer)

– What is it?
– What should I do? Buy traps?
– Should I be concerned?
– Should i complain to the management company to have neighbours’ verified? I’m concerned a neighbour may be a “host” and they are now expanding?



Number 6757.  This is a female German cockroach, Blattella germanica (Blattodea: Ectobiidae) with her egg capsule (ootheca). This is a peridomestic species difficult to bring under complete control, especially in multi-unit dwellings. Management needs to be notified so that a comprehensive control program can be initiated. Click here elsewhere on these pages for some control recommendations.