Engorged female hard tick

6714.      I found this on our bedroom hardwood floor. I thought it was a jewelry bead, or a chocolate covered raisin (about the size of a Glosette chocolate covered raisin). I only found the one. Please let me know if it is something I need to search for more, or if this is an invasive beetle. We live on a ravine lot, backing onto Crook’s Hollow. I often have windows open and have two cats that often go outside. This picture is the underside of the bug. It is still alive, and wiggled its leg until it turned over in the glass I have it in. The top looks the same as the bottom. Dundas, Ontario. Canada


Number 6714.  This is an engorged female hard tick (family Ixodidae); likely in the genus Ixodes. This is the genus to which that the deer tick, vector of Lyme disease, belongs. Click here for more detailed information.