Elm seed bug

6278 Trying to discover if my pets, family or home are in danger from these little guys. they appear to be about 3/8″ long and look to be infesting any wood on wood surfaces outside (where our wooden patio furniture is resting against the wooden fence, dozens of them will be hiding) they appear to be growing in numbers and we have started to see them inside the house. Began seeing them early spring, currently midsummer. From Vancouver, BC

Number 6278 This looks like an elm seed bug, Arocatus melanocephalus (Hemiptera/Heteroptera: Lygaeidae). This is an introduced European species; see Click here for more detailed information. These are nuisance pests that cause no real harm but they stink when crushed and their fecal droppings on structures are an eyesore.

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  1. Maureen B says:

    Thank you very much for posting this. We have been visited by the same elm seed bug this summer, in Vancouver during very hot weather. Had to put painters tape around our screens.

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