“Dragnet” to kill bed bugs.

Our neighbors have admitted to having bed bugs and told our landlord they “took care of it” NOW COUPLE MONTHS LATER we found a couple on one of our beds! Please know me or my husband have NEVER had bed bugs before we told our landlord and she is getting a pest control company to come treat both places and they are using “Dragnet” i was wondering can this being in our place pose a risk to my 5 year old! I read permethrin can be toxic to children I’m worried 🙁

A certified pest professional should follow strict regulations and apply the insecticide according to label directions.   If you vacate the premises as directed there should be no risk to your family.   Dragnet is a product being used to control thousands of bed bug infestations and there are no problems when the product is used by a professional as directed. You may view a copy of the label here:    http://pr-rp.hc-sc.gc.ca/1_1/view_label?p_ukid=67480440