Dormant wasp nests

Hi, I have a quick question relating to an old wasps nest that I’m hoping you can help me with. I live close to Gatineau Quebec. Late July / early August last year I noticed what seemed to be a large number of wasps heading towards the underhang of my roof and disappearing. After watching for a while, I started to think that there was likely some sort of nest in my attic.  As the wasps weren’t disturbing anything, I felt it wise just to leave the nest alone and deal with it in the winter. Before I go up to the attic and try to see if the old nest is there I was hoping that you could help me by answering a few questions: a) My understanding is that wasps do not stay in the old nest over the winter. Even the queen apparently goes somewhere else. Thus, is there any benefit at all of removing this old nest if the nest if effectively dead? Is there an increased likelihood that the wasps will end up back in my attic next year if I keep the nest there? Or alternatively, would the old nest somehow deter new wasps from taking up residence in my attic? b) Depending on your answer to the questions above, if the nest should be removed, is there any real problem with me doing this myself during the winter or should I be looking for a professional? c) If I need a professional, is there someone that you can recommend? Thanks for your help 🙂 Tom

Most wasp nests are deserted in the fall and will never be occupied again. The nests are harmless but the environment may be attractive so a new nest could be built in the attic. If the wasps are mud daubers the larva will develop in the mud nest over winter and transform into wasps that will emerge in the spring.  Mud daubers are non aggressive and seldom sting so they are considered almost harmless.  There is no benefit in removing their nests. If you want a professional to remove the nests you can find one in your area in our directory of pest professionals.