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Cockroaches in Semi Detached residence

My name is James and I live in a semi-detached home in Scarborough, Ontario. I recently had new neighbours move in, and for the first time in 20 + years find myself with cockroaches. I have been assured by a few pest control companies that being that I’m in a semi, if both sides are not treated, the infestation will not be effectively removed and will return soon after the service. Please offer any/all advice that you can. Are there any by-laws or legal precedents that will enable me to have both mine and my neighbours sprayed. Please help. I don’t want to create animosity with the neighbours but I should be entitled to a pest free environment. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond.


  • We do not offer legal advice.   Your local health department may be able to help.
  • Your previous neighbours may have had a cockroach problem. When they moved out, the roaches may have moved to your residence seeking fresh food.
  • Your new neighbours may blame you for the cockroach problem so you may be expected to pay for treatment.
  • It would probably be wise to inspect and treat both residences. Ask your landlord to pay.
  • Most professionals now use bait to control cockroaches and this could require more than one service call to be 100% effective. Spraying insecticides is not usually the best control solution.