Cockroaches in potted plants

I have a pretty bad cockroach infestation and I am in the midst of carefully moving all of my things out of my apartment but I have concerns about my plants. I have bleached their pots, hosed down the plants including the roots, and repotted them. I just bought the diatomaceous earth to put down. I was wondering if there is anything else I can do. And if this is everything, how long do you think I should wait before I can safely bring them to the new apartment (they are outside of a friend’s house at the moment). Do you think they are safe right now? I’ve always kept them super dry in an effort to make them unappealing to fungus gnats, so I doubt they were appealing to begin with, but I am so concerned. Thank you so much. Montreal.


Cockroaches in potted plants – From the sound of what you already have done, the only additional step I can suggest is to make a visual examination of each pot (especially the bottom) as you pick it up to ensure there are no hitchhikers.