Cockroach and Bed bugs

Hi, we had sign into a new apartment that had a fumigation about a month ago of course we worent told about the situation before signing and finally they are doing a second fumigation, we have a 8 apartment building and had a bad infestation in unit 3 that effected our unit, this week will be the second fumigation, basically what i want to know is will they get rid of all the cockroache and or bed bugs, since living here we had found 14 not mentioning the dead ones that wore left in a stove that I had removed after seeing the grose situation. We are going to try and leave the lease but are scared that even after the fumigation we will still have problems and bring them to our new place is there a way you can reassure us of this horrible situation. Thank you. Montreal

Unfortunately, there is no way of ascertaining/guaranteeing that the controls have been 100% effective. Click Here for a very comprehensive review on how to deal with bed bugs and Click Here for advice on how not to take cockroaches with you when you move.