Clothing Moths

Clothing Moths – My house is infested with clothing moths. The golden ones who lay white eggs. Not casing . I m allergic to them and have a chronic immune illness. T m looking for the most effective, quickest treatment . The companies i ve called r giving me conflicting info and r not open to much info sharing. There s a treatment know as bombing ( i had the name of chemical and lost it.) i was hoping to get that and buy moth eating wasps to use and to give to my adult children just in case. Can you please , please tell me the name of the chemical that is called bombing. It s a mist not a liquid. Can you also tell me if my plan is the best one . The companies seem only to want to book an inspection but have told me that not all companies have same product and won’t tell me the products they carry. I don t mind paying for an inspection but i do mind paying for one if the company doesn’t have all the products and experience in exterminating clothing moths . Meanwhile, i ve been sicker in last 3 yrs and bedridden. I discovered them in rolled up pure wool rug . It was crawling in them and have obviously been there for at least 2 yrs is my guess. I have quite a few good pictures if u want them. Any info would be helpful. Please answer. Thank you. Denise. Ontario.


First off, I suggest that they use pheromone-baited traps specific for clothes moths to certain that is what they really have (we often see small moths flitting about our house, but have never seen a true clothes moth). Click here and Click here for examples. Use of an aerosol spray in conjunction with other control measures may be useful, but check the label to be sure that clothes moths are among the pests the spray is supposed to control. Click here for a very detailed fact sheet on clothes moth control.