Checkered beetle

7155.        These little bad boys just showed up in the house, but I’ve also made a cat tee from driftwood. Caught maybe 6 in a couple weeks, but it is growing. I soaked the piece in my trucks bed lined with a tarp, filled with water borax and bleach for about 2 weeks, turned it over every couple days,and scrub the piece feverishly too. I cant imagine anythings living at that soaking with the ingredients, but, these showed up. Should I be worrying? VICTORIA, British Columbia. Canada

Number 7155. This is a checkered beetle (Coleoptera: Cleridae) in the genus Enoclerus, likely E. eximius, Checkered Beetle Image . Most of these are general predators on other insects; a few are scavengers, none are pests.