Cellar spider

6727.      The insect picture is taken with a cell phone through a pocket microscope. The other picture occurred as my child was sitting quietly watching TV and then yelped. Swollen, red. Gone in about 2 hours. But it hurt. I’ve been seeing white flecks for a month, and I’ve been very itchy. I’ve noted them in our hair, treated our crew with Nix, twice. But now they are everywhere and the small white fibrous looking things progress to gelatinous globs, with perhaps 50 sacs stuck together, and all this not being larger than 1.5 MM. I have seen a translucent spider coming out of the walls (max 2mm long). It appears as if these things either jump. When I go to work, I don’t feel a scratch at all. When I return home, half an hour and I’m being bitten by something so small I have not been able to see it, but it has a pretty good pinch (worse than a mosquito, not a wasp). Lots of cobweb development in corners and little nooks. And we vacuum daily, ceiling to floor with a hepa vacuum. Over kill hepa airfilter, over-kill dehumidifier has always been on since we bought this trailer new 4 months ago. When you open the door at night you can see millions of specs of “dust” flying around, and they stick to our vehicles, and have the same gelatinous look as what is in the trailer absolutely everywhere. I seem to be the itchiest, like absolutely driving me crazy. Wife and oldest child less so. And youngest not much at all, with the exception of that bite. I feel as if they are coming through the smallest barely even draft producing cracks. Our neighbor noticed the same thing last week and has left. I’ve sprayed every chemical and fogged and they perhaps seem better for a day, but not long. All bedding and clothing and cupboards have been vacuumed and sprayed. Absolutely crazy. I literally feel as if the organism is entirely throughout the interior of our walls and small amounts seep into the trailer and then they are everywhere. If you scratch your head or cloths over a black nylon material it seems like little flecks of dandruff or lint falls out. But when I look through my microscope they have the same gelatinous and sometimes spiny fibre like appearance. Kelowna, BC. Canada


Number 6727.  The creature in the image appears to be cellar spider (family Pholcidae). These are not known to bite humans. It is quite possible that much of what you are experiencing may not be insect-related, Click here for details.