Black wasps

For 3 years in a row we have been finding black wasps in our house. Every summer 3 – 5 slowly come out of who knows where. Then we don’t see them again until the following year. Lucky my cats find them before my kids do.
The question is how do I find where they are coming from? Why do they keep coming back? Tecumseh


Wasps build new nests every year. The likelihood of new nests close to previous nests is high as the wasps go to where they think it’s a safe place to build. Seeing other nests in the vicinity makes that decision easier. 

I would suggest doing a walk through along the external perimeter of the house on a nice sunny day and observe where the wasps are entering the house. They need to access a void in order to build. Once located please contact a professional to treat. 

The wasps you’re seeing are probably ones that have lost their way heading out of the nest and then ending up on the inside. They will normally be slow moving as they have depleted their energy and gather by the windows, following the light in order to get out. 

Vacuum them off as spraying is a waste and detrimental to ones health on the inside. 

Spiders and pill bugs

Hi there, we have a lot of shrubbery in the yard and experience a lot of spiders as well as pull bugs. We experience spiders inside the house as well. Looking for a suggestion and quote. Thank you. Surrey BC.

Spider population build up over time, especially if no control measures are taken around houses. A high spider population also tells one that there is a large insect population as spiders feed on insects.
Recommend using a permethrin based spray around the external perimeter of the house and along the window frames and along the eaves.

On the inside of the house, I would suggest insect sticky or monitoring boards at various locations all over the house along the baseboards. The boards should be replaced every week until the population is under control.

Spraying along the inside of house ONLY if the infestation is really heavy.

Pill bugs feed on decaying vegetation especially around the external perimeter of the house where grass clippings and other vegetations tends to collect. Once this population builds up, pill or sow bugs then tend to enter the house through cracks and crevices. Although they do not pose much of a health hazard – they are considered a nuisance.

The external perimeter spraying with a permethrin based insecticide will help bring down the sow bug population. In the inside of the house – use of only insect sticky boards to control the sow bugs.
The insect sticky boards will be effective for both the spiders and sow bugs.

Mice Treatment

Hi!! I live in a downstairs condo. My backyard has a small wood deck with a small gap between it and the ground. I believe there’s a family of rats/mice living under there. I see them going in and out getting leaves and twigs… I suppose they are making a nest. How should I get rid of them? I live in saint Laurent, Quebec.
Thank you so much!

Response to Follow Shortly

Bedbug query

I have been cleaning a friends apartment and discover after several visits in and out, that his place is infested with bed bugs? My concern is did I bring them home on my cloths? I didn’t sit down on any anything but I did remove his bed sheets etc because they were soiled. What should I do?

The bedbug query – Unless you physically removed some of the items from the infested premises and placed them in your vehicle or took them home with you, there is very little risk that you inadvertently brought bed bugs into your home. If you did take the soiled bed sheets home with you and they were not immediately laundered, you need to be on the lookout for signs of infestation. In addition to the information available on the Pestcontrolcanada pages, you might check out the publication at Click here for more recommendations.

Birch Leafminer

How do find a supplier of parasitic wasps for birchleaf miner control? From Mississauga, Ontario

The Birch leafminer query – Of the two species of parasitic wasps (Lathrolestes nigricollis and Grypocentrus albipes) introduced for control of the birch leafminer, only L. nigricollis has become widely established. At the level of individual release sites, L. nigricollis has lowered pest density from 50 to <5% of first generation leaves being mined. (Click here.) These wasps were introduced into parts of Quebec and Newfoundland in the 1960s and 1970s and parts of Alberta in the 1990s; Click here for full details. I do not believe that these wasps can be provided to individual homeowners.

Information on Tremidor Insecticide

What is the reasoning behind a consumer, like myself, not being able to by or ship to Canada Termidor insecticide? Please let me know this because I can’t find an explanation. I’m assuming Canada’s pest control would have a reasonable explanation for something like this.

I have been unable to determine if Termador (Fipronil) is registered in Canada. I did find the following at Click here and at here

Bats in Sakatchewan

When will big and little brown bats in my region, central-northern sakatchewan/manitoba give birth?

Both big and little brown bats give birth in late spring- early summer (usually May-July).


Velvet Mites in New Brunswick

From Dunlop, New Brunswick – Is it normal to have velvet mites in New Brunswick?

These mites (family Trombidiidae) are widely distributed in Canada, including New Brunswick.

Locating Insect entry

From Noelville:  Is there anyway to find out where insects are getting into the house. Every year we are infested with house flies, ladybugs and mosquitoes. They have to be getting in somewhere. Can a Pest Control company find out how they are getting in so we can can fix it?

Short of hermetically sealing one’s home, it is nearly impossible to keep all uninvited ‘guests’ from dropping in for a visit.  You can minimize their intrusions by ensuring that all doors and windows fit tightly and if opened for ventilation, have tight-fitting screens. Any gaps between their frames and the house structure should be filled, as well as any cracks in the foundation. If any pipes, vents (such as from a clothes dryer), etc. penetrate a wall, any gaps around those should be filled with caulking or expandable foam.

Ant Problem

From Surrey; I had ants coming into my suite and I used the borax recipe online, put some cotton swabs along their trail. In a few hours there were hundreds of them soldiering back and forth along the same trail, truly gross! But anyway, within 6-7 hrs they were all gone except for a few lingering around. I cleaned everything up but I still have a few hanging around and I don’t know where they’re coming from and why they haven’t gone home. I put out a few more cotton balls with the borax solution and they’re not attracted to it. I’m killing them one by one but I want to solve the problem and make sure they’re gone for good. Can you tell me why there’s still some hanging around and suggest what I can do? Thank you so much!

The ant problem – I’m assuming that the bait being use is one of the borax/sugar solutions commonly encountered on the internet. Not all ants are attracted to sugar and other sweets, some seek protein sources instead. That being the case, I suggest that a peanut butter/borax mixture be tried as well – Click here for details.

The Bee Problem

From Sturgeon County Alberta: So, I have a big concrete step that is starting to separate and now have cracks and Bees under there. I am sure it’s a nest/hive. I can’t see it, but I know there is an issue. We have children with allergies to bees. What should I do? I was thinking of filling the cracks with a spray foam, not sure if this will work? Any ideas?

The bee problem – The expanding foam should work if all crevices/holes that allow access to the space under the slab are filled. However, I really would like to see an image or two of the bees in question, if that would be at all possible. Please Click here to find out how to send in your photos.

South African Bark beetle

From Johannesburg South Africa: Where can I get predators of Checker Beetle to eat Bark Beetle or what can I spray for Bark Beetle?

The use of checkered beetles (Cleridae) for bark beetle control may not be particularly effective, and I will have to do some digging to see if there is any commercial source for them as control agents (I’m doubtful at this point). Also, control measures will depend to some degree on the particular species of bark beetle involved. For some, the only recommendation is the cutting down and destruction of infested trees.

Miniature moths in Northern Ontario

From Ramore Ontario: On Sept 19,2017, in Ramore Ontario, P0K 1R0 the skies were filled with millions of miniature moths. If you would inhale you were certain to swallow a few. Yes there were lots! They would land on us. When we went into the house they would come in. They survived the winter indoors and outdoors also. Are they clothes eating moths, are they destructive? They are about ¼ inch long (or less), 1/8 inch long when wings are closed. They are a silver color with darker edging. As soon as you touch them they turn to dust/powdery smudge.

These do not look like clothes moths, but I hesitate to attempt a specific i.d. as tiny moths such as these are for the most part, very difficult to identify; several families often are lumped together under the rubric “microlepidoptera.” see Family Elachistidae (Grass Miner Moths) | Butterflies and Moths of North America for an example.

Spring Time Flies

From Langham Sask: What are the common springtime flies in our house? Every time this season, these flies are the first for a few weeks and then we do not see them until same time next year. Our house is clean, it is -5C outside, some are outside and some in our house. Where do they hid in the house for 10 months to appear every March?
Thank you for the reply.

My best guess would be that these most likely are cluster flies. These are not filth flies like house flies; their larvae feed on earthworms. These flies usually enter buildings or other shelter during the autumn, and then emerge from their hiding places with the return of warm weather in the spring. Click here for more detailed information.

Unknown Worm

From Edmonton, Alberta: I was away for two weeks and when I came home noticed two tiny worm like bugs on my white bed sheet, and after removing them I found a third smaller worm. I looked up carpet beetle larvae and they did not match the images (they lacked rings and instead were a uniform dark brown/rust color). They moved like an injured inch worm. I squished them in toilet paper and threw them in the toilet before I thought to take a picture. I’m not from Alberta so not familiar with what is and what is not normal for this time of year. Any ideas?

Silverfish Advice

From Camrose: I have had a silverfish infestation in my apartment since the day I moved in 3 months ago. The exterminators have been here twice and I have sprayed Raid in between times. I continue finding them.

My question, are the little white pieces of fuzz that are the same shape as they are that I am picking up off of the carpet the young ones?? I have been picking up these little pieces of fuzz with my fingers thinking it was odd shaped lint and why would lint always look about the same. PLEASE PLEASE HELP. I am an old woman and have not had to deal with this before.

Grain Weevil

How to get rid of grain weevil, found them near dry beans ? They are about 3 mm long, found some live and dead ones. Thank you, waiting for your advice. Anita

I suggest placing any beans or other seeds that are infested or suspected to be infested in a deep freezer (at least -18°C) for a week and then discard them. In the future, keep all dry food products that are susceptible to insect infestation either in a refrigerator or in sealable plastic, glass, or metal containers.

Poison to kill raccoons

Hi I had a question about pesticides available for farmers. We have a land in Northern Ontario and was wondering if Cyanide or other strong poisons can be available to farmers to get rid of some raccoons in our land. Thank you for your time. Kian.

Poisoning wildlife is a dangerous control method that is illegal in many parts of Canada. Killing non target animals and secondary predator poisoning could result in serious legal problems. Poisoning animals is very cruel and unacceptable by most organizations like the SPCA and the Canadian Wildlife Federation. Please, please, please do not use poison to solve your problem.
More information:

clothes moth

How to get rid of clothes moths


Hi, this is Michelle from just north of Grande Prairie, Alberta. We have been fighting these moths from late September and on. There are holes in clothes (including the kids’ clothes) and I have found larva on knit socks and in balls of wool yarn.  The larva are brown with little hairs coming out one side.   Can you tell me what this is and what I can expect their eggs and cocoons to look like? How can I eradicate them?  Thanks, Michelle

Adult clothes moths lay almost invisible eggs on wool, fur, silk and feathers and other items of animal origin. The eggs develop into larva that feed on the items and cause damage. The adult moths do not feed. You should empty your closets and areas infested. Laundering will kill the larva but many items cannot be washed in hot water and dried. Freezing will slow down the damage but will probably not kill the eggs and larva. If you don’t hire a professional, spraying pesticides is not a simple solution. Read the tips we have published here:

Get rid of boxelder bugs

4641  How do you get rid of Boxelder bugs? How much would it cost to get rid of them? HELP!!

Boxelder bugs can be a real nuisance but fortunately they are harmless to humans and cause no damage to structures. Getting rid of them can be almost impossible unless the host boxelder tree is removed.  See this page for more information on how to deal with the problem: .

Cluster fly pesticides

Can I bring Lamdastar ultra cap9.7 and / or Cypermethrin in from the US to spray these cluster flies with that have taken over my mobile home I use for a hunt camp and getaway.I am in Ontario close to US border so would just drive down and pick up if it is legal to do so..Can not get an answer at your 800 number..Harry

Health Canada:

“All pesticides imported into Canada must meet Canadian standards, i.e., be regulated under the Pest Control Products Act (PCPA), and bear the Canadian label.”

There are a number of products available in Canada that will kill cluster flies. Basic aerosol sprays with the active ingredient Pyrethrum will work if they come in contact with the flies. Many professionals use a fogger to penetrate all areas in attics with pyrethrum.  If numerous flies are entering the living areas of the home, attempt to locate the openings where the insects gain access. Typically, flies will emerge from cracks under or behind baseboards, around window and door trim, and around exhaust fans or lights in ceilings. Seal these openings with caulk or other suitable materials to prevent the insects from crawling out.

4640 Carpenter ants in condominium

4640  Good day!   I live in a condominium building partly covered with wood. A very knowledgeable handyman came to fix the bottom framework of one window because it was cracked. We discovered the problem of big black ants eating the wood under my window. For a whole day, we sprayed with ant killer foam Ant Bgon Max. They were killed but of course the problem has not been solved. The handyman diagnostic was : 1. The drywall is mushy, wet and soft (decomposed) 2. The fiberglass insulation it was moist, and brown colour (compare it with fiberglass insulation on the right side of window where the frame is removed). 3. The wood (both the frame and bottom part of window is mushy and with a little bit nail pressure can be removed) Most important is that the source of water entering to that place of your window should be addressed first and be fixed. I am still waiting from the property management to fix the problem. Winter will come soon ! Any advice from your part would help a lot. You will understand I don’t want my apartment to be fumigated except if you did it locally for the window. However it would not solve the problem of the cause of the infiltration of water being fixed. I since heard a second apartment in our building had also the same problem. 1. Would you recommend the whole building to be fumigated ? 2. If not, what are the consequences for the future of our building ? Many thanks, Marie France  Toffin

You have described a typical carpenter ant problem.   You should have an experienced pest professional inspect the building and treat all infected areas.  In most cases the solution is to inject a pesticide into the suspected nests from the outside.  Nests in window areas are often in the header (above the window trim) as well as the side framing and sill.  Of course the water problem should be repaired after the inspection and before the ant treatment. The professional should speak to the building manager.

Get rid of fleas.

flea1What is the best way to get rid of fleas if no pets are in the home no more ?

Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum thoroughly, daily for 2 weeks.   For more tips visit:

Bed Bug

How to get rid of bed bugs.

We have an infestation of bed bugs. How do we get rid of them? We have removed mattress and box spring out of our son’s room. Now what?
The biggest challenge in dealing with bed bugs is finding them. They can hide in numerous places besides beds.  Inexperienced home owners often spend more money trying unsuccessfully to eradicate bed bugs than it would cost to hire a pest professional that guarantees success. Read more.


Drain Flies in shower

In one of my washrooms we have flies that keep flying out from the drain after we take a shower I have tried bicarbonate soda and white vinegar for five days and nothing changed. Please advise what can I do this is a nuisance and we are unable to use the shower.

Drain flies (also known as humpback flies and Phorid flies) lay eggs in drains. The eggs hatch and the larva feed on scum in the pipes.   To eliminate them, the entire interior of the pipe must be treated with a foaming insecticide.  This will contact all the eggs and larva.  It is important to never let the water in the p-trap evaporate and dry out.  A well equipped pest professional will have a foaming machine and the right product to take care of this.


Carpenter ant

Get rid of carpenter ants

How do you get rid of Carpenter ants at the cottage?  Denis.  Georgetown, Ont.

We have published a vast amount of identification and control information on this web page:

bed bug

Pesticide risk to infant?

4635   Hi, One of the apartments in the house I live in has bedbugs and the landlord is going to either spray just the basement apartment or possibly the whole house. I have a 9 month old baby and was wondering what we should do if this treatment happens? Can these chemicals be harmful to my infant and what precautions should I take? We live right above the basement apartment on the first floor so I am worried that even if they spray just the basement that toxins can make there way into our place. Will we need to be out of the house for a while and for how long? Thanks, Lorna

If your landlord is going to spray pesticides himself you should be very concerned.
Pest control professionals must be certified to apply pesticides.  They must take a course and pass an exam.
There are regulations that a professional must follow including notification to any persons that could be at risk from pesticide use.
You will probably have to vacate your suite for 1 day.
If there are bedbugs in one apartment they often find their way into other units that should be inspected.
Just spraying pesticides is not proper control for bed bugs.
Read more:


Tent caterpillar control

Trying to find a way to get rid of tent-nest’s How do I do it?

The natural, soil dwelling bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis or Bt-kurstaki (BTK) is particularly effective on inch worms of all types. Use easily applied spray to hit worms and protect the leaves at the first signs of damage. BTK sprays do not harm honey bees or birds and are safe for use around pets and children.

Electronic pest repellers

4633  Good morning.   I volunteer at a Scout camp and we have many Cheery Trees, BUT the Cubs and Scouts can not get to the fruit as the Animals get there first.  Where can I obtain an Electronic repellent to hang in the trees?  Thank you.  Paul

Don’t waste your money.  There is no unbiased scientific evidence that electronic pest repelling devices work effectively to control pest animals.  Blocking metal collars around the trunk of the trees may be more effective.


Still has bed bugs

4632    I have bed bugs, after the exterminator came in, we still have them. But killed off the basic population of them. What can we do?

Getting rid of bed bugs is a process that usually takes more than one treatment.   The most important step is a very thorough inspection but even a professional may have trouble finding all the bug’s hiding places.  Heat treatment may be effective but not always.  When the bugs feel the heat they may find a way to escape to a cooler location. The pest professional who did the treatment probably expects to do more treatment.
For a better understanding see this web page:  

Best Pesticide for bed bugs?

Hi, I found couple of bed bugs recently and would like to know the recommended pesticides from pest control. Thanks, Laxmi.

Just spraying pesticides is not the solution.  Read the suggestions for proper control that we have published on this web page:


Marmots on pool deck

Hi there: We have moved into a new house and have just discovered that we have a serious marmot problem. We have seen them in our yard and not been concerned, but now we have discovered that our lower deck – and it is a large one surrounding a pool – is absolutely covered in poop droppings, so many droppings that you cannot walk freely on the deck. We have lots of grandchildren who live locally and will be coming here many times during the summer, I see that marmots can carry ticks that lead to Lyme Disease. We know all about that problem as we have a granddaughter from Kelowna who we have had to send to the States to be treated for Lyme Disease which she contracted here in BC, and so are really concerned about this problem. I see I can buy a Blackbox Gopher Trap that will trap and kill gophers – will it work for marmots?? And I can buy an animal cgge trap that will trap marmots but not kill. How do I kill the marmots that I catch in the cage?? Where do I get whatever you recommend? Thanks for your advice. Trevor , Lake Country, B.C.

Trapping in a live trap or kill trap is probably your best solution.  Gopher traps may be too small.   If you use live traps you will need a permit to transport wildlife to a new location.   It is difficult to attract marmots into a trap so you would have to place them along their normal travel paths.   On Vancouver Island Marmots were almost extinct so I believe they are now a protected species.   Some control suggestions here:
You may also try calling a licensed professional in your area:

Landlord won’t deal with Bed bugs

4630   My son had to move from one apartment to another. He bought a used couch  and checked it out real good before bringing it to his old place. They had it for two months. all was good. We move him to his new apartment. He had to clean it before he moved in. after a few weeks his girlfriend was getting bit. His 8 month old daughter and himself were not bitten. He checked the bed, which is brand new and it had bedbugs. They saved them. Girlfriend takes Daughter to moms and my son asked the landlord to do something. They gave him a bag and vacuum cleaner. he never had any issues before. They were even visiting us just after move in with no issues either. After he cleaned the whole place as much as he could  the girls came home and she gets bit again from the couch this time. Why does the landlord not want to help? This building is in a group of them on Mornington Ave in London. It’s really dirty, but it’s the only place a one income can go. any help would be appreciated .

We do not like to offer advice on what could be a legal issue.   Getting rid of bed bugs is not an easy task for amateurs.  The landlord should probably hire a pest professional service to eliminate the problem.  If there is no cooperation you could report the issue to the local health department and a government landlord-tenant agency.