Carpet beetle

7341.          I suspect this might be a carpet beetle but I cannot find any larvea or infestation area so I’m not sure. Started finding these in early spring (around middle of march). I would catch about 1 of these a week on my window sill although this particular bug was caught crawling on my shirt while I was wearing it. This specimen is about 3-4 mm in length, looks black but has some light brown and even white stripe-like pattern on the back. They have a hard shell (they crunch when I squash them). I hope you can help me identify them. Thank you for your time! Edmonton, Alberta. Canada


Number 7341.      This is a carpet beetle (Coleoptera; Dermestidae) in the genus Anthrenus. These beetles often are found at windows where they are attempting to follow the light to get outdoors. Unlike their destructive larvae, the adults primarily are pollen feeders. See Carpet Beetle Control Recommendation .