Carpenter ants

Carpenter ants: Hello, During the May and early June, I found 4 major and minor carpenter ants in the my kitchen. These were the times of the day found:
(1) ~7pm crawling from my basement stairs into my work room. Minor.
(2) ~6pm same area as the previous, near my back door. Minor.
(3) ~11:30am on my ceiling crawling away from my back door. Minor.
(4) 7am (but I found it stuck in a spider web at the bottom of my basement stairs). Major.
I should add that my basement stairs are directly in front of my backdoor. There is an old wooden shed at my neighbors house ~50 yards away. I’m not sure what is in it. My other neighbors have a pile of old tree branches ~30 yards away. I don’t hear clicking in my walls late at night. All 4 times, they were not carrying food. Where are these things coming from? I should add that the weather strip at the top of my door needs to be replaced. Thank you, Wally.

Carpenter ants – These ants usually only attack wood that already is unsound, especially from moisture. The customer should check all areas where moisture could come in contact with wood for signs of damage. These would not always be in the basement; several years ago, we had a small infestation in the roof over our back porch where a leak in the metal roofing had allowed water to enter and damage the wood. In the meantime, this is a good reference to consult: Click here