6381  Beginning last august, these bugs have started appearing all over my house, I even found a clustered of them in my mattress. They are about half a mm big, smaller than a sesame, deep brownish red and have a two segmented body. They disappeared during the winter, but now have began to appear again. I am planning to move soon and one of my main concerns is that they may travel hiding in my stuff to my new apartment. Do these bugs live indoors or outdoors? Are there ways to kill all their eggs? Please help. Thanks.  Vancouver, BC.  Canada


Number 6381. These look like booklice (Psocodea: Liposcelidae). They are cosmopolitan nuisance pests that prefer damp/humid environments that favour mould growth, as they feed primarily on mould spores and bits of decomposing organic matter.  Click here for more detailed information including some control suggestions. I wouldn’t worry about accidentally transporting some in your belongings when you move, as your residence-to-be likely already has some.