Basement with silverfish and ‘centipedes’

Hello! I just moved into a basement apartment and the place is crawling with silverfish and centipedes. Any tips on getting rid of them, or preventing them? Natural or with pesticides. Ill try anything. Burlington

Basement with silverfish and ‘centipedes’ – I would like the client to provide images of the ‘centipedes,’ as I suspect that these more likely are millipedes (centipedes, being predators, seldom appear in large numbers in any one place, especially indoors). That aside, the Canadian government site Click Here has good advice for silverfish control. Millipedes require a moist environment in order to persist indoors, so moisture management/control combined with exclusion measures is the most effective treatment (admittedly, this may be difficult in a basement). Click here for more suggestions, bearing in mind the chemicals mentioned are registered in the USA, not Canada. However, one should be able to locate similar products in home/garden centers; check the label for active ingredients and types of pests it should cover.