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5612  I find at least 3-4 of these slithery bugs in my basement bathroom every wk, depending on weather. I am located in the GTA (Toronto, On) they look black and alien like in person, but as I took a picture they don’t look as scary. They still move very fast. Ty This either is […]

Common Cockroach

5611  Found this critter in our hallway in Toronto (Feb. 28). It’s very lively! It’s about 1.5cm long, not counting the antennae (which are themselves a little longer). It’s been below 0 outside for a few days now, but was warmer before that. Maybe it crawled in from the outside? Do these insects hibernate? I’d […]

Adult Carpet Beetle

5610  I live in a suburb outside of Vancouver, BC.  We are finding these bugs on the floor of the kitchen dead, a few in the toilet near kitchen and two alive in our bed which is upstairs from the kitchen.  Thanks,   Gord. This is a carpet beetle (Coleoptera: Dermestidae), possibly a varied carpet beetle, […]

Plant seeds, not bugs

5609  Hello, Susan from Staten Island, NY.  I found this bug shell (looks like the shell of a bug because there is no body to it – see pictures) in various places within my home: 1)  first, many were found stuck to a scarf I had in a closet. The scarf was hanging off of a […]

Dermestidae Beetle Larva

5608  What is this Bug found a few of them this one on the bathroom counter on February 23,2016 @ 11:00pm where i been finding numerous dead tiny black ants that all of a sudden are invading my bathroom all to be found dead ,In Klamath falls Oregon cold outside approx. 25 degrees outside . […]

Pest Spray marks on household items.

4563 We recently had an exterminator spray our home for bed bugs. A few days after it was sprayed we noticed spots on some of the items in our home. Most of the spots that we have noticed are on things which are made of plastic such as the plastic border around our television, the […]

Owls Killing Ducks

4562 There are 2 owls who have taken interest to our property. The have viciously killed 1 duck, 2 others are missing and they prey on our yard at all hours around our children and small dog. I need an immediate solution to keeping our children, pet, and herd save!!! Unfortunately when we live close to […]

Weevil: Broad nose, short Snout

5607    Not sure what kind of bug this is but I have been bitten several times in the last few weeks. All bites swell to a great degree are extremely itchy and sting and large red rash appears at bite site expanding several inches beyond bite. was just bitten 2 days ago found this bug […]

Kill Bugs In Books

4561 In question 4081 you suggest that a book could be put in the microwave to kill “almost any living creature”. Question 97 suggests “a few minutes” or in the oven at 150 deg.  Is there not a danger that a book could burst into flames in the microwave? How long is “too long”? Presumably […]

Noisy Pest in ducts

4560 Hello, It’s winter, but I appear to have a chirping/screeching/buzzing noise, usually in early morning, but lasts for hours, coming from my ductwork, which is embedded in foundation slab under house. Initially, it sounded more like a cricket/s, but now it sounds like a cicada/s. This commotion has been going on for weeks. I […]

Springtails around house

I have springtails all around my house since last summer! I found some in the basement to! Maybe they get in by the windows of the basement! I have crush stone on one side of the house and grass on the other! No water stay near the foundation and no exterminator have pesticide for that […]

cobweb/comb-footed spider

5586 Hello.    I found this in our basement today Jan 24,2016.  I Live in Ottawa Ontario. It’s about the size of a dime with the legs stretched out. I have found 2 similar in my garage this summer. Just wondering what it is because it has a similar body type as a black widow but without […]

Buffalo Carpet Beetle

5584   This tiny beetle was found in my bathroom on a wooden stool this afternoon. It is mid-January and about -15 C outside. My house is kept at about 18 C if that helps. I’m in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. This guy, or lady, is pretty small, smaller than a lady bug. I don’t think […]

Bean/Pea Weevil

5581   We recently captured a photo of unidentified insects at a cottage while travelling in Nova Scotia. This was discovered in January inside the building, mainly in the kitchen area. If you enlarge the upper attached photograph, the object is quite clear. We are unable to find anything of a similar nature on-line. Could you help […]

Bed Bug Control Solution coming to market soon

February 24, 2016 , SFU communication ecologist Gerhard Gries says his new technology for detecting and controlling bed bugs is closer to commercialization now that Scotts Canada has become the industrial sponsor of his research chair.  Recently Gries, research associate Regine Gries, and SFU chemist Rob Britton earned worldwide acclaim for developing a pheromone, or […]

Giant Water Bug

5580 Hello sending this photo in from traverse city Michigan  this weird little beetle was found under a bucket outside as it is winter right now how is this possible  was hoping if you could tell me what kind of beetle this is thanks Allissa. This is a giant water bug (Hemiptera/Heteroptera: Belostomatidae); aka toe […]

Globular Springtail

5564  I live in Colchester Connecticut. These bugs come out in large bunches when it rains or is just moist outside. So far, we have not had any come indoors, but they seem to love hanging out right around our doorframes. They are very tiny, reddish brown, and jump kind of like fleas (but I […]

Grain beetle

5562  My name is Craig and I’m located just North of San Francisco, near the coast. These are very small, on the order of 1mm. I found them in a recessed light fixture; they may have been there for . I’d like to make sure they are not wood boring beetles that might be eating […]

Fire Ants in Canada

4558  Last November my husband was bit by fire ants while on the golf course in Palm Springs area. He suffered a severe reaction and spent the afternoon in emergency. It has been recommended by an allergist that he avoid areas where these ants could be present. Are there places in Canada where these ants […]

Most effective mouse poison

# 4559  What is your opinion on the most effective mouse poison available to buy over the counter? There are many variables and regulations that must be considered when choosing a rodenticide. Health Canada explains that anticoagulant rodenticides fall into two categories: first-generation products (chlorophacinone, diphacinone, warfarin) and second-generation products (brodifacoum, bromadiolone, difethialone). Under new […]

Cluster Fly Problem

Good morning.  We have a log home on an acreage and last year had an infestation of flies in between the top of the prow and the roof on the back of our house. We didn’t get a lot of flies flying around the inside of our house, however we were picking up hundreds of […]

Powder Post beetle

#5571  Hello, my name is Trent, and currently live in Red Deer Alberta.  Earlier today Jan 5th 2016 when moving a 16 inch tall, 4 inch base, soft wood hand carved sculpture brought back to us from South Africa I noticed some small (tic tac) sized piles of very fine saw dust and three living bugs.  The carving also […]

Darkling beetle

#5549  Hi there, I live in Toronto, Canada.  I recently moved in to a friend’s apt while he’s away for 2 months. I have felt itchy since the first morning I spent here, I also found what I thought could be bite marks on my hamstring and quad, I suspected that it could be a bed […]

Fly Larva (maggot)

#5545  Hello, I found these dark brown worm shells underneath my washing machine’s legs (around all four legs of the machine). White worms were hatching out of them. They were about 1cm long and stank a lot. Google suggests that they are house fly larvae. But I think the shells are too big for a […]

Sow Bug

#5488 I live in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. I have tons of these in my basement and garage. They are under the rugs and up the walls. Don’t quite look like carpet beetle larvae to me.  I call them trilobites.   Thanks  Eric  This is a terrestrial crustacean in the order Isopoda. Commonly known as sowbugs, pillbugs, […]

Sphinx Moth caterpillar

#5502  Found in alpine ca. Today October 25, 3 inches long. Has little feet like caterpillar. This is a caterpillar of a sphinx moth (Lepidoptera: Sphingidae) in the genus Errinyis; likely E. ello – see http://tinyurl.com/o55glld  for an image. This species occurs from South America to the southern USA, and like many other species, the […]

Boxelder bugs

 #5465   Found on raised garden bed in North Battleford, Saskatchewan. They have been in the yard since May and started clustering on the beds in August These are boxelder bugs (Hemiptera/Heteroptera: Rhopalidae; Boisea sp.), possibly the western boxelder bug, Boisea rubrolineata. These basically are nuisance pests, see http://tinyurl.com/6q97uze for detailed information. Ed Saugstad, retired entomologist; […]

Yes. Rats can swim up your toilet!

Yes. Rats can swim up your toilet VIDEO: WATCH OUT! A rat’s super swimming ability and flexibility enable it to make its way easily from the city streets to your toilet. See how they do it. Video: rats in toilet Rats’ superpowers are near-mythical: They can swim for three days. They can fit through holes […]

German Cockroach

#5527  Hello. My name is Craig. I live in Guelph Ontario and just found this bug in my apt. It’s November and the insect is about the length of my finger tip. So far just one and I’m wondering if this is a problem bug and should be reported to the building super. Thank you. […]

Sow Bugs. (Too Much Moisture)

Hello. I have had a reoccurring sow bug problem for a couple years. Normally, I’ll find a dead one about once a day. But during some months, for weeks/months straight, I get about 30+ a day. I have cleared my yard of places they can hide, and I keep my oven on and room heaters […]

Assassin Bug Nymph

#5550  My name is Mark and I found this thing crawling on my wife’s blouse in the house this morning. We live in Franklin county Va. This is a nymph of an assassin bug (Hemiptera/Heteroptera: Reduviidae) in the genus Zelus. These are general predators on other small arthropods, and thus usually considered as beneficial. See […]

Cockroaches in Semi Detached residence

My name is James and I live in a semi-detached home in Scarborough, Ontario. I recently had new neighbours move in, and for the first time in 20 + years find myself with cockroaches. I have been assured by a few pest control companies that being that I’m in a semi, if both sides are […]

Mice in Health Unit

I work at a Health Unit, in BC.  We have an infestation of mice, which the pest control company is only using traps for.  They advised us that fumigation is not allowed in Canada.  Is this true? Potentially, there is a health risk here.  We have elderly people and young children here daily who could […]