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Fungus gnat

7121.      Little flying bugs everywhere. About 3mm long. Breslau, Ontario. Canada Number 7121. This appears to be a fungus gnat (Diptera: Sciaridae). Their larvae often are found in very damp/wet soil having a high organic material content where they feed on fungal mycelium and very tender plant parts. They are best controlled by […]


7105.      They appear outside my backyard, around my backyard door, on the brick wall of my house. After I step on them, a patch of red blood spread. First time seeing them after few days of rain, I have not seen them before. People mentioned seeing them lately around 10km away from my […]


7101.      Tick like bug with crab arms. Found on plants in area where elk are common and ticks are often problematic. Sechelt, Bc. Canada Number 7101. This is a pseudoscorpion, an arachnid related to spiders and true scorpions that prey on other small arthropods. They are non-venomous and harmless to humans. Click here […]


7100.      Early September evening, backyard of suburban area. One of numerous (dozens) winged ants crawling around deck. Also seen in ground near foundation. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Canada Number 7100. This does not look like any of the common household pest species; it might be a Formica sp. Click here. For more on ants in […]

ground beetle

7095.      Can you let me know what these are, found them in my basement. They approx 1 cm long. Belle mead, NJ. United States Number 7095. This is a ground beetle (Coleoptera: Carabidae); these are general predators on other small invertebrates, mainly other insects. They often wander indoors accidentally while searching for prey. […]

Orb weaving spider

7092.      Central Alabama, late afternoon. Thank you for your help. Pelham, AL. United States Number 7092. This is Argiope aurantia, a very common and widespread orb weaving spider that goes by many different common names, including the yellow garden spider, black and yellow garden spider, golden garden spider, writing spider, zigzag spider, zipper […]

Tree cricket

7090.      Thinking it is a praying mantis? Carleton Place, Ontario. Canada Number 7090. This is a tree cricket, Orthoptera: Gryllidae; subfamily Oecanthinae. The ‘chirps’ of one species are so regular as to be usable for estimating air temperature –  Click here for details. In spite of their dainty appearance, they can give one […]

Muscoid fly

7089.        Good afternoon, I’m trying to identify what I belied to be pupa in my garage. They are approximately 3-5mm in length and resemble to size and shape of mouse droppings. However they are light brown and appear to have “stripes” or articulated joints. I usually find them in collections of 10-20 […]