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Tiger moth

6963.        Out front of my building on a partially cloudy day not too hot out light Breeze. Hamilton, Ontario. Canada Number 6963. This is a tiger moth (Lepidoptera: Erebidae; subfamily Arctiinae); likely an adult of the so-called woolly bear of weather forecasting fame.  Click here for images and more detailed information.


6961.        Found in an apartment stairwell. Tisdale, Saskatchewan. Canada Number 6961. This is a sowbug, a terrestrial crustacean in the order Isopoda; the vast majority of these are harmless scavengers on decomposing organic matter. They breathe through gills that must be kept moist, so keeping your environs as dry as possible will […]

Leaf beetle

6960.      This bug is eating the leafs of one particular Green Bush, The Bush is dying. There are round holes on the leafs that are close. Some leafs only have their skeleton left. Milton, Ontario. Canada Number 6960. This is a leaf beetle, Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae; it looks like a viburnum leaf beetle (Pyrrhalta […]

Click beetle

6957.       June/july started showing up with earwigs as well. Not very fast or concerned with people but seems to have come out of no where. Seen a different one every day it seems like. Should I be concerned? What are they? Hartford, Connecticut. United States Number 6957. This is a click beetle (Coleoptera: […]

Scarab beetle

6956.      What’s this insect called …never seen one before. Waterloo, Ontario. Canada Number 6956. This is a scarab beetle (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae); it is a grapevine beetle, Pelidnota punctata. Also known as the spotted pelidnota, the adult beetle feeds primarily on grape leaves and frit, but seldom causes real damage. The larvae feed on […]


6953.       Hi, I initially found these black insects under one of our bed sheets, and thought it were signs of bed bugs. I then found them in other places in the house. They look like weevils, i’m hoping you can help confirm. Thanks. Richmond Hill, Ontario. Canada Number 6953. This is indeed a […]

Sphinx moth

6948.          Found it pretty much dead on my lawn in the town of Manila. Canada Number 6948. This is a sphinx moth (Lepidoptera: Sphingidae) in the genus Manduca, likely M. quinquemaculata, whose caterpillar is known as the tomato hornworm. Either its wings never expanded after it emerged from its pupa, or […]

Day-flying firefly

6945.            Found outside flying in July around 7:30 pm in South Western Ontario. Only one seen at the time of capture. Any ideas on species? Thanks so much. Woodstock, Ontario. Canada Number 6945. This appears to be a day-flying firefly (Coleoptera: Lampyridae). Some net-winged beetles (Coleoptera: Lycidae) in the genus […]

Male velvet ant

6942.         Sumbitch got hit five times with a flyswatter before I killed it. Waynesboro, Tennessee. United States Number 6942. This is a male velvet ant (Hymenoptera: Mutillidae), likely in the genus Timulla. These are parasitic primarily on ground-nesting bees and wasps, and the wingless females (sometimes called ‘cow-killers’) have a wickedly painful […]

Assassin bug

6940.      Hello, Please let me know what this is. Toronto Canada, photo taken June 20 – 25. Thank you very much. Maria. Toronto, Ontario. Canada Number 6940. This appears to be an assassin bug known as a masked hunter (Reduvius personatus; Hemiptera/Heteroptera: Reduviidae), a cosmopolitan species often found indoors and reputed to have […]

Male eastern dobsonfly

6933.       This was swimming in our pool. No idea what it is. Paris, ON. Canada Number 6933. This is a male eastern dobsonfly, Corydalus cornutus (Megaloptera: Corydalidae), it would have been drowning, not swimming. Dobsonfly larvae (hellgrammites) are aquatic, but the adults are strictly aerial. The long, sickle-like mandibles of males are harmless, […]