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Rove beetle

6724.      Found in home, fly onto counter, or table, only active at night! Has clear wings and an amber color body segment, white strip behind amber segment, six legs two antennae, approximately 1cm long, shiny black colouring, head is smallest part, crawls very quickly? Sask. Carrot River. Canada   Number 6724.  This is a rove […]

Spider beetle

6723.      Found two of these bugs mid-November in bedroom closet. Very small, about 2-3mm. Reddish-brown in colour. Worried it is a bed bug. Toronto, ON. Canada   Number 6723.  Thus is a spider beetle (Coleoptera: Anobiidae; subfamily Ptininae). These feed on a wide variety or organic materials and sometimes can become pantry pests. Click here […]

Grass spider

6722.      Found this in my bed…. then i found little baby spiders that are like a millimetre and at first they looked like ticks… but don’t know if these babies it belongs to this spider. Toronto, Ontario. Canada   Number 6722.  This is a grass spider in the family Agelenidae, most likely in the genus […]

Camel cricket

6720.      What kind of bug is this. Sherwood park, Alberta. Canada   Number 6720.  This is a camel cricket (Orthoptera: Rhaphidophoridae). Also known as cave crickets or sprickets (because of a fancied resemblance to a cross between a spider and a cricket), these relatives of grasshoppers and crickets usually are found in dark, quiet places […]


6718.      Please zoom in and see what these are. They are multiplying on my walkway and huddle together. Is this some time of snake? St. Johns, NL. Canada   Number 6718.  These are millipedes (class Diplopoda). The vast majority of these are harmless scavengers on decomposing organic matter, but a few species, such as the […]

Wolf spider

6715.      I found it outside, already dead. I had the house spider sprayed. Curious to know what kind it is. Thanks! Hagersville, Ontario. Canada   Number 6715.  This is a wolf spider (family Lycosidae) These are active hunters that do not spin a capture web and sometimes accidentally get indoors while searching for prey. They […]


6711.      I found this insect, very small and very many of them, at the front ledge of my storage unit in Lindsay. They move very fast and are very tiny. Any help identifying this critter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much, Stacey. Port Hope, ON. Canada   Number 6711.  This is a springtail, […]


6708.      Found on kitchen counter on the evening of 10/23. Central Alabama. Outside air temp about 69F. Pelham, Alabama. United States   Number 6708.  This is a weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae). Although it resembles the milkweed stem weevil, Rhyssomatus lineaticollis.(Click here for more detailed information).  I am by no means confident that yours is that exact species.


6704.      My girlfriend was at the kitchen sink, where there is a light directly above her when she felt this little bugger drop on her arm. Looks like a tiny centipede with a small darkness on its hind end. Amherst, Nova Scotia. Canada   Number 6704.  Not a centipede, but a harmless millipede (class Diplopoda); […]

Saw-toothed and merchant grain beetles

6703.      Condo apartment. October, 2019. Richmond Hill, Ontario. Canada   Number 6703.  The image is not clear enough for a positive identification. The only insects of that size and general overall appearance that would be of any concern are the saw-toothed and merchant grain beetles in the genus Oryzaephilus (Coleoptera: Silvanidae).  Click here for a […]


WASP NEST IN ROOF. Sorry long message A few months ago end of July early August I noticed wasps getting into a space under my roof I told my landlord thinking he’d get a professional to see to it but nope he only plugged it up him self before making sure their was no nest […]


6700.    I pulled this off of my leg. Loretto, Ontario. Canada   Number 6700.  This is an engorged female tick; as its overall appearance is consistent with one in the genus Ixodes that includes the deer tick, you should keep alert for any signs/symptoms of Lyme disease. Click here for detailed information on Lyme disease […]

Fungus gnat

6699.      Hello. I am interested to know what this species is so we know how to address them from entering our facility. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We have contacted local pest control but we are not confident they have identified it correctly and looking for a second opinion. The deem this to […]