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Nymph of a dog-day/annual cicada

6587.    Saw this very interesting Bug/Beetle yesterday on a walk with my boy. Late afternoon..around 4:30pm. Weather was sunny, But quite humid. Was just curious what this thing is. London Ontario. Canada   Number 6587. This is a nymph of a dog-day/annual cicada (Hemiptera/Auchenorrhyncha: Cicadidae). The nymphs spend three to five years underground feeding on sap […]

Spotted tree borer

6574.    Hello, Just found him on my shoe. My sons and I were wondering if this is a long horned two banded beetle? Saltspring Island, BC. Canada   Number 6574. This appears to be a spotted tree borer, Synaphaeta guexi (Coleoptea: Cerambycidae). Click here and Click here for images and more detailed information. It does not […]

Bee fly

6572.    This insect emerged as if being born from our deck railing while we were outside enjoying a coffee. Warm sunny day (about 25C), mid-morning. We first noticed sawdust dropping from the railing as if something was eating at the deck and then this emerged, spread its wings out and crawled over to the railing […]

Ground beetle

6561.    Does this bite? My husband felt like he got stung and we found this. Windsor, Ontario. Canada   Number 6561. This is a ground beetle (Coleoptera: Carabidae), the vast majority of these are general predators on other small arthropods. It is extremely unlikely that it was the cause of your husband’s discomfort. Click here for […]