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Duff millipedes

6337 These are tiny (approx 1-5mm) black worm-like but crawl like caterpillars. They’re inside my walls and climb up windows and walls and are spreading through the whole house wherever hasn’t been sprayed. I think they’re carpet beetle larvae but they’re not in my carpets. I’ve killed over 200 myself and pest control has been […]


6336 Hi! I see these bugs all around my home and I don’t know what they are or how to get rid of them. I live in the UAE. Can you please help me out? Thanks so much.UAE Number 6336 This looks like a firebrat (Thermobia domestica; Zygentoma: Lepismatidae), a cosmopolitan nuisance pest. Click here for […]

Winter stonefly

6335 We’ve found these guys in the house and crawling on the side of the house but are having trouble getting rid of them. From Peterorough, Ontario Number 6335 This is a small winter stonefly (Plecoptera: Capniidae); these are harmless and there is no need for control. Their nymphs are found beneath rocks and gravel on […]

Drugstore beetle

6334 Just found this in my bed, help??. From Vancouver Number 6334 This looks like a drugstore beetle, Stegobium paniceum (Coleoptera: Anobiidae); Click here for an image. These beetles and their close relatives, cigarette beetles (Lasioderma serricorne) will feed on an extremely wide variety of organic materials, and can become pantry pests. You likely should check […]

Stink bug

6331  From Ontario Number 6331 This is a stink bug (Hemiptera/Heteroptera: Pentatomidae), it looks like a brown marmorated stink bug (Halyomorpha halys), an introduced species that has become well-established in many areas of North America. In addition to its status as an orchard pest, it also can be a nuisance pest when large numbers enter […]


6330 See them in or around dishwasher. Hard to kill. From Ontario  Number 6330 This is a cockroach, likely a German cockroach, Blattella germanica (Blaberoidea: Ectobiidae). This species is notoriously difficult bring under full control; Click here elsewhere on these pages for some control recommendations.

Two-spotted stink bug

6328 I found this bug in my house in January in Saskatchewan. I’d like to know what it is! From Saskatchewan Number 6328 This is a two-spotted stink bug, Perillus bioculatus (Hemiptera/Heteroptera: Pentatomidae), a predatory species that specializes in feeding on the eggs and larvae of the Colorado potato beetle. This species exhibits a wide range […]

Caterpillar of a swallowtail butterfly

6325 Very putrid smell, about 1.5 inches long, very soft to touch. From British Columbia Number 6325 This is a caterpillar of a swallowtail butterfly (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae). The foul odor is emitted by the fork-like appendage visible above its head. Called an osmeterium, it serves as a defensive mechanism for the caterpillar; Click here for more […]

House centipede

6319 Can you please identify this. From Mississauga, Ontario Number 6319 This is a house centipede, Scutigera coleoptrata. House centipedes feed on a wide variety of other arthropods, mainly insects, and their presence indoors may be an indicator of an infestation of some kind. Click here for more detailed information.

Blister beetle

6318 Can you please identify this. From Ontario Number 6318 This is a blister beetle Coleoptera: Meloidae) in the genus Meloe. These are often called ‘oil beetles’ as they exhibit reflexive bleeding from their leg joints when disturbed. Their blood (hemolymph contains a chemical, cantharidin, that can cause blistering on tender skin. Click here for more detailed […]

Banded garden spider

6316 Hi, I was wondering if you could help me identify this beautiful spider. I found it today (September 20) in my garden. From Ashton, Ontario Number 6316 This is Argiope trifasciata, an orb weaver known as the banded garden spider. It occurs from southern Canada to northern Mexico; they usually are noticed in late summer/early autumn […]

Caterpillar of an eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly

6314 Saw this by sandy lake Manitoba on August 18-2018 was cloudy outside and very warm. From Winnipeg, Manitoba Number 6314 This is a caterpillar of an eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly Papilio glaucus (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae); see Click here for detailed information. Note: Some authors split off tiger swallowtails into the genus Pterourus..