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Broad-nosed/short-snouted weevil

7151.      Found in January on the ceiling, walls and bathroom of our home. I haven’t seen them fly, and they don’t seem overly quick. Wainwright, Alberta. Canada Number 7151. This is a broad-nosed/short-snouted weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae; subfamily Entiminae). These weevils often enter buildings in search of shelter, but do no harm there. Weevil […]

Stonefly (Plecoptera)

7147.    Appeared early May. Because of the super wasp scare, became interested. Have never seen another similar. North Vancouver, BC. Canada Number 7147. This is not a wasp, but a harmless stonefly (order Plecoptera). From its size, it likely is in the family Pteronarcyidae (giant stoneflies). Their larvae are aquatic, and form an important […]

Grain beetle

7143.      Have seen about a dozen to two dozen of these guys in the past few weeks crawling up walls. They are very small, easy to kill. Wellington, Quebec. Canada Number 7143. This is a grain beetle (Coleoptera: Silvanidae) in the genus Oryzaephilus (saw-toothed and merchant grain beetles). These can infest a wide […]

Spider beetles

7141.     They are small, maybe 1-2mm, there were about a dozen dead ones in a ceiling light fixture in an old triplex. MONTREAL, QC. Canada Number 7141. These are spider beetles (Coleoptera: Anobiidae; subfamily Ptininae); they will feed on an extremely wide variety of organic materials, and sometimes may be pantry pests. You should […]

Cockroach and Bed bugs

Hi, we had sign into a new apartment that had a fumigation about a month ago of course we worent told about the situation before signing and finally they are doing a second fumigation, we have a 8 apartment building and had a bad infestation in unit 3 that effected our unit, this week will […]

Mites in chickens

What is the most effective and still available product for killing mites in chickens in northwestern Alberta? Diatamaceous earth is not very effective. Wembley Control of mites on chickens is problematic to say the least, as there does not appear to be any treatment available that is approved for use in Canada. There are some […]

Wasp nest and Skunks

Hornet’s nest or Wasp nest and Skunks living under patio. Now that it is going into winter can I just use a broom to knock down the hornet/wasp nest? Someone told me to just leave the skunks and once they have their babies they will just leave. Is this true or do I have to […]

Home gardens

Hello ! I’ve been asked to find out how effective IPM programs for home gardens actually are. Please send any info on what works and what is perhaps not so good. We all know what IPM is and your site is great but any info on effectiveness? Please and thanks, Creemore, Ontario Wow. This is […]

Grain beetle

7137.      These were found in my mother’s kitchen cupboard, drawer, and along the floor. They were inside containers of rolled oats and cereal boxes. Could you please identify, and let us know the best way to get rid of them and to prevent them from returning. Thank you. Sudbury, Ontario. Canada Number 7137. […]


7123.      This bug is approximately 1/8”. We found them crawling from the back of our house to a gravel pathway at the beginning of November. The weather is sunny, around 17 degrees Celsius. Southern Ontario, Niagara. Canada Number 7123. This is an aphid (Hemiptera/Sternorrhyncha: Aphididae). These strictly are plant feeders; some species can […]