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6981.     I’m trying to figure out if this is a cockroach can you please help me. westville, NS. Canada Number 6981. This is a cockroach (Blattodea: Ectobiidae); it is in the genus Ectobius and may be Ectobius lapponicus. Known as the dusky cockroach, it is a European species that has become established in the […]


6973.    Crawling on hallway wall. Number 6973. This is an earwig (order Dermaptera). These basically are nuisance pests that primarily scavenge on decomposing organic matter. A few are predators on other small arthropods and some can occasionally cause damage to tender vegetation. Click here for more detailed information


6970.    They are ruining our backyard relaxation. They are all over our deck, patio furniture covers and other places. They have wings, long antennae and are blackish brown in color. They don’t bite and will fly into your eyes, ears, mouth and nose. We need to identify them And need info on how to […]


How do I control Springtails inside and outside my home? They are coming out from under baseboards in my bathrooms. Also coming out from under flashing over lintels along top of stone veneer at the lower 4 feet of my exterior walls. Springtail Control -The best control is moisture management, as springtails are highly susceptible […]

Bed Bugs

My bedroom has been exterminated for bed bugs. I want them gone and I am checking my bed and box spring every day. If I am moving those things around and there are still bugs, will they find another place to nest or lay eggs or will I still see them on my bed? Bed […]

Mosquito, Aphid and Leaf Miner

Hey, I live in Edmonton and have been trying to find a good concentrate to control my mosquito, aphid and leaf miner problems in my yard. Is there any product that you would suggest that is pet friendly? Control of mosquitoes, aphids, and leaf miners: There is no one product that will provide safe control […]

Red Mite infestation

Hi, We have a severe Dermanyssus gallinae/Red Mite infestation. Will keeping our house between 70°F and a relative humidity of 35%-40% help decrease our red mite problem? Dermanyssus gallinae/Red Mite infestation – Has the source of the infestation been identified? Control will be much easier if the source (such as an abandoned bird nest) can […]

Carpenter ants

Carpenter ants: Hello, During the May and early June, I found 4 major and minor carpenter ants in the my kitchen. These were the times of the day found:(1) ~7pm crawling from my basement stairs into my work room. Minor.(2) ~6pm same area as the previous, near my back door. Minor.(3) ~11:30am on my ceiling […]


MILLIPEDEs: I have an infestation of millimetres around my garage and my house and they’re getting in my house I live in Newfoundland which is in Canada can you help. Infestation of millimetres – I am assuming the customer means millipedes. These are nuisance pests that are not going to cause any real harm. It […]

Rat Exclusion

RATS: What is the best method for making sure a rat doesn’t come back. I’ve been seeing peppermint oil, steel wool and caulking? I’ve also been reading to keep pet food and water dishes away. I have a cat. The food being put away is ok.. but the water dish would be bad for my […]

Dragon Insecticide

DRAGNET: Hi I’m looking to find out if you could help with some literature on the solution dragnet. I’m aware that the main chemical is permethrin, is there other chemicals in it and would there be any long term health concerns for children of used. Thanks in advance. Tom Dragon Insecticide – According to the […]