Ant Problem

From Surrey; I had ants coming into my suite and I used the borax recipe online, put some cotton swabs along their trail. In a few hours there were hundreds of them soldiering back and forth along the same trail, truly gross! But anyway, within 6-7 hrs they were all gone except for a few lingering around. I cleaned everything up but I still have a few hanging around and I don’t know where they’re coming from and why they haven’t gone home. I put out a few more cotton balls with the borax solution and they’re not attracted to it. I’m killing them one by one but I want to solve the problem and make sure they’re gone for good. Can you tell me why there’s still some hanging around and suggest what I can do? Thank you so much!

The ant problem – I’m assuming that the bait being use is one of the borax/sugar solutions commonly encountered on the internet. Not all ants are attracted to sugar and other sweets, some seek protein sources instead. That being the case, I suggest that a peanut butter/borax mixture be tried as well – Click here for details.