I am wondering about the regulations regarding pest control in apartments. Where I live we have a building wide flea infestation, there was a company person who came to check it out and he says that spraying hallways was no longer permitted in Canada. That he has to specifically identify the pest before he can legally spray. My question is, are commercial pest controllers allowed to spray for pests like fleas and silverfish in the hallways on a regular maintenance plan. Or do they need to identify the pest themselves first? This is the first building I ever lived in with this level of problem.

Licensed pest control professionals must inspect and identify pests before applying any pesticides.  In multiple residential buildings all residents must be given notice of future pesticide applications in the building and residents may have to vacate the building for a period of time.   Management must authorize the application. The regulations may vary in each province but the federally approved label on the product must be followed.  In BC only licensed professionals are allowed to apply pesticides in multiple residence buildings, schools, etc..