Box Elder bug problem

I have been killing two to six box elder bugs inside my home all winter long, and I don’t agree that they do not breed indoors because I occasionally find very small and young ones. This past fall was the worst I have ever seen – the two sunny sides of my house were covered with them and it went on for close to two months. One so-called pest control expert said they would only be a nuisance outdoors for a week or two, but he was greatly mistaken, and now they’re inside apparently in significant numbers. I believe they are becoming more adaptable, and given their potentially vast numbers, the government needs to come up with a safe way to get rid of them. Same goes for Carpenter Ants, now that the gov’t has banned all pesticides that actually work to kill off a colony, other solutions need to be devised. Alan

Please read the information on our web page for a better understanding of these insects.   Box elder bugs 
Adult box elders do not lay eggs inside a building because there is no food for the nymphs to eat  (leaves, seeds, flowers)  When they gather in large numbers on the sunny walls of a building, they can be eliminated by spraying with a 4% soap and water solution.  Pesticides are not needed.   To prevent their entry into a building, all cracks, crevices and window frames should be caulked. They are not considered a serious enough pest to require government action.  They are harmless to humans and dwellings.
Carpenter ants are a serious pest that should be dealt with by a licensed professional that has access to effective registered pest control products.  Some provincial and municipal governments have restricted the use of pesticides to reduce abuse and health hazards.