Maggot (fly larva)

5992   Dear Pest Control Canada,    I’ve been finding these little white maggot-like things all over the kitchen floor and occasionally on the counters, but I can’t figure out where they are actually coming from.  They don’t really crawl…they seem to start crawling but then just sort of roll and wriggle and don’t get very far, which is confusing as they keep appearing in the middle of the floor with no discernable source.  They’ve just started in the past few days as it’s finally gotten sunny here in Vancouver, BC.  Do you have any idea what they could be?
Thank you and sincerely,  Shoshana
This appears to be a maggot (fly larva).    They could be dropping from your ceiling through gaps around a light fixture or ceiling fan.  They may be feeding on a dead rodent in your attic.  This is not an uncommon pest problem.