5921  Hello,   I have been seeing these tiny little bugs in my basement over the past few months.  I like in the Halton region, in a brand new house. I do some woodworking in my basement, so initially thought the dust/wood was drawing the bugs into the house.  I’ve cleaned the saw dust and still see these bugs in the basement floor and on my work bench occasionally.  They are white/clear in colour, and there is also a few I’ve seen that are darker and seem to have wings.  Trying to compare to something similar online, I have thought maybe they are booklice.  All websites I’ve seen indicate I should plug in a dehumidifier to draw out the moisture in the basement.  It seemed to work for a few weeks (didn’t see any bugs), but I saw quite a few again last night.  There definitely is moisture in the house; I’ve emptied the dehumidifier every day and a half for the past few weeks.  Any help/insight on how to get rid of these bugs would be appreciated.  Thanks,  Chris

I cannot see the wing venation clearly enough for a positive identification, but I would include booklice (order Psocodea) as a possibility. It certainly does not appear to be a destructive pest of any kind needing immediate control. Please see if you can obtain clear images, and in the meantime, continue with your efforts to reduce unnecessary moisture sources and lower humidity levels I your home. Ed Saugstad, retired entomologist; Sinks Grove, WV.