5669   Hi,  I found this bug in my one year old condo in Toronto.  They are very tiny, about 1-2 mm long.  They mainly locate in the bathroom floor, but also found in the bedroom drywall as well.  I also located them in the main entrance dry wall. The humidity of my home is around 30%.  I used Raid Max (indoor) spray around the house but the problem still persist.  I also used bleach to clean around the bathroom couple of times as well.  I understand it mainly for identify this bug.  However, if you have any suggestion how to get rid of it, I will be very appreciated about it. Best,  Kelly

This is a booklouse (Psocodea: Liposcelidae). These basically are nuisance pests that feed primarily on mould spores found on damp/spoiled organic materials. They do no real damage, and chemical control almost never is necessary. Besides lowering indoor humidity levels (which you already have done), check for and eliminate any unnecessary sources of moisture. See for more detailed information. Ed Saugstad, retired entomologist; Sinks Grove, WV.