Spider in bed

Hello I am looking for help. I have a festering wound and many symptoms similar to the reported symptoms of a hobo spider. Then a few days after the bite/infection started I found these two guys by my bed. Please tell me if these are hobo spiders. I’m sorry the photos are through plastic, I am not letting them out, ever. One has built a web which it now sits on. It is the larger and about 3/4 inch long body with hairy brown non-banded legs.  I live in an old trailer with no foundation only wood blocks underneath. We had a crazy ant problem so I set out traps and they disappeared. Almost immediately the spiders showed up. Did I bring them out by killing their food supply?  I live in the forest near mossy hills backing onto a large park- Sooke mountain regional park, Vancouver Island.

This spider cannot be conclusively identified as to whether or not it is a hobo spider, as this requires the use of at least a hand lens; see http://tinyurl.com/hv45h2h for detailed information. Also, the danger of their bite has been greatly overblown, and there also are causes other than spider bites for the type of lesion you report. Ed Saugstad, retired entomologist; Sinks Grove, WV.