Fly Larva (maggot)

#5545  Hello, I found these dark brown worm shells underneath my washing machine’s legs (around all four legs of the machine). White worms were hatching out of them. They were about 1cm long and stank a lot. Google suggests that they are house fly larvae. But I think the shells are too big for a house fly…  I hope you can help me to identify those bugs. Most importantly – who has been laying those eggs?  Thank you in advance,  Kadri from Sydney
These are pupae (and one larva – maggot) of a fly, but I cannot tell you much more from this image. The ‘white worms’ are maggots that will turn into the brown pupae; they are not hatching from them. Ed Saugstad, retired entomologist; Sinks Grove, WV.
You may have a dead rodent under or in the washing machine cabinet. Check the dryer vent also.