True fruit flies

5497 I live near Lloydminster, Saskatchewan and these flies are inside in October, can’t   seem to get them under control.  Not sure how they are coming in. Can you tell me what they are and a control method?  Smaller than a regular house fly. Tend to Walk sideways. Apparently like to make a home under siding outside the house also but don’t see them outside in summer.
Flies in the related families Tephritidae (true fruit flies) and Ulidiidae (picture-winged flies can have confusedly similar wing patterns. I’m inclined to believe that your specimen is in the family Ulidiidae, likely in the genus Ceroxys, see for an example. These flies reportedly commonly enter buildings in the autumn, but are no more than nuisance pests. Their larvae develop in the seed heads of plants in the family Asteraceae. Ed Saugstad, retired entomologist; Sinks Grove, WV