4640 Carpenter ants in condominium

4640  Good day!   I live in a condominium building partly covered with wood. A very knowledgeable handyman came to fix the bottom framework of one window because it was cracked. We discovered the problem of big black ants eating the wood under my window. For a whole day, we sprayed with ant killer foam Ant Bgon Max. They were killed but of course the problem has not been solved. The handyman diagnostic was : 1. The drywall is mushy, wet and soft (decomposed) 2. The fiberglass insulation it was moist, and brown colour (compare it with fiberglass insulation on the right side of window where the frame is removed). 3. The wood (both the frame and bottom part of window is mushy and with a little bit nail pressure can be removed) Most important is that the source of water entering to that place of your window should be addressed first and be fixed. I am still waiting from the property management to fix the problem. Winter will come soon ! Any advice from your part would help a lot. You will understand I don’t want my apartment to be fumigated except if you did it locally for the window. However it would not solve the problem of the cause of the infiltration of water being fixed. I since heard a second apartment in our building had also the same problem. 1. Would you recommend the whole building to be fumigated ? 2. If not, what are the consequences for the future of our building ? Many thanks, Marie France  Toffin

You have described a typical carpenter ant problem.   You should have an experienced pest professional inspect the building and treat all infected areas.  In most cases the solution is to inject a pesticide into the suspected nests from the outside.  Nests in window areas are often in the header (above the window trim) as well as the side framing and sill.  Of course the water problem should be repaired after the inspection and before the ant treatment. The professional should speak to the building manager.