Plant seeds, not bugs

5609  Hello, Susan from Staten Island, NY.  I found this bug shell (looks like the shell of a bug because there is no body to it – see pictures) in various places within my home: 1)  first, many were found stuck to a scarf I had in a closet. The scarf was hanging off of a hanger in the midst of other clothes/jackets. Im sure if I go looking at other scarves , perhaps I’ll find them attached too.  2)  I also found them in a bathroom vent… As my husband was cleaning the vent, dust and these bug shells fell on the floor. The bug shell is brown, it is flat, and it has a fang shape in its front (or perhaps that’s its backside, who knows).
These are not insects of any kind, they are the seeds of some kind of plant. Many plants have seeds bearing spines, thorns, bristles, etc. that easily latch onto the fur of passing animals that then aid in dispersal of the seeds. Articles of human clothing also appear to meet the plants’ needs in this respect. Ed Saugstad, retired entomologist; Sinks Grove, WV.