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Kill Bugs In Books


In question 4081 you suggest that a book could be put in the microwave to kill “almost any living creature”. Question 97 suggests “a few minutes” or in the oven at 150 deg.  Is there not a danger that a book could burst into flames in the microwave? How long is “too long”? Presumably less time for smaller books? If in the oven – again, how long? Gabriola Island

Microwave ovens generate heat in liquids and moist items only. Any insects in a book would be heated enough to kill them without harming the book. One minute would probably be enough, depending on the moisture content in the book. The ignition point of paper is much higher than 150 degrees so a regular oven should not burn the book. If there are plastics in the book composition, they will melt. A microwave oven would be safer.