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Sow Bugs. (Too Much Moisture)

Hello. I have had a reoccurring sow bug problem for a couple years. Normally, I’ll find a dead one about once a day. But during some months, for weeks/months straight, I get about 30+ a day. I have cleared my yard of places they can hide, and I keep my oven on and room heaters on all day to dry them out. However, I still get a disturbing amount of the bugs. There is a well about 20 feet from my house. Can this be attracting them? Thank you.  Ben Merill Boston, MA

Sow bugs are a symptom of a much more serious problem in a building:  Too Much Moisture.  You should check for leaks in your roof and plumbing, poor ventilation in your attic and crawlspace, plugged rain gutters and downspouts, excess vegetation touching house,  soil levels too high around perimeter.    If you can’t find the cause, call a professional building inspector.