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long-jawed orb-weaving spider

5877  Spider found outdoors (residential back yard, running down flowerpot), Calgary Alberta on warm, early afternoon of May 25, 2015. Thank you very much!  Gerhard. This is a long-jawed orb-weaving spider (family Tetragnathidae), likely in the genus Tetragnatha – see http://tinyurl.com/jnhdc7c for an image of one in a more typical pose. The webs of these […]

Grass bagworm case

5876   Hello,  I live in North Bay Ontario Canada, right on the waters edge of Trout Lake I’ve seen these little pods all over the outside walls of the house, seems to be concrete or brick only though.  The total overall length is no more that .75 of an inch and maybe 1/4″ to 3/8″ […]

Fruit fly infestation

4615   I have no fruits or vegetables left outside. My condo is infested with what may be fruit flies but I am not sure. Please help me as I don’t know what to do or what these bugs are and I am very concerned. Currently I am catching these bugs using apple cider vinegar which […]

Oakville /Hamilton/Burlington /Mississauga full or part time certified applicator

578  Dec. 5/16   Maximum Pest Control Services is seeking Licensed, Certified Pesticide Applicator for Weekday/Weekends Open Position. Preferred areas: Oakville /Hamilton/Burlington /Mississauga….Candidate must be Dependable & Reliable. Must Have: Valid Clean G Ontario Driving License, Knowledge of the Pest Control industry, Experience in Wildlife is An Asset. NO CRIMINAL RECORD. Comfortable with heights and using […]

4614 Infested with cigarette beetles

4614    I am infested with cigarette beetles in my Canadian home. My local exterminator sent a specimen off to Montreal for identification and the result came back as a cigarette beetle. After some time, I found the source (banana plant) and eliminated it. How can I get rid of the existing beetles and their egg?. […]

Western conifer seed bug

5875   I found this insect inside my house Dec. 1 in West Kelowna, BC. This is a western conifer seed bug.  They are harmless around your home.  For more information see:  http://pestcontrolcanada.com/western-conifer-seed-bug  

blow fly maggot

5874   Hi,I’d like some help in identifying the attached pics of larvae. They are dropping out of a pot light located in my bathroom – about 1-2 every couple of hours. The only place above the bathroom ceiling is an attic. (which contains only insulation as far as I know, since there is no interior […]

4613 Ant hill nest

We bought a house last year and found we have carpenter ants outsized all over the place. We think we finally located the parent hill. A giant three foot ant hill hidden in the brush. Your site says to physically remove it? How do i do that ? Do I use any thing to kill […]

Small fly problem

4612    I have a small fly problem that a renter is saying is coming from the sinks and Windows. There was no flies there before he moved in and now has a fly problem, what can these flies be and how does a person get rid of them? The flies are constant but not […]

GTA Licensed structural exterminator

577  Dec. 2/16    Advantage Pest Control Inc. is looking for an experienced, licensed, sales driven service technician to provide pest control services in the Greater Toronto Area. Candidates must be bondable, hold a structural exterminator license, a valid G driver’s license with a clean driving record, and be proficient in English. A highly motivated individual […]

ichneumon wasp

5873   Hi, my name is Bianca-Rose and i live in Hearst, Ontario, Canada and i found this insect in my work place, specifically in a motel room bathroom. I’m hoping you can tell me what it is.it was about an inch long, head to tail. Thank you for your time. This is an ichneumon wasp (Hymenoptera: […]

Katydid eggs

5872   This an apple tree sapling in Rockland Cty. New York.  The weather is turning cool.  The tree is about 2 feet tall. There appears to be some type of bug lined up on the stem. Would like to know what they are.  Thanks, Ann These are eggs of a katydid – see http://tinyurl.com/hhhg6eg for […]

globular springtails

5871   Thousands of these showed up all over my farm fence today. Seems that touching them makes them jump. They are very small. I live in South Western BC, near Vancouver. It is November and we have just had a lot of rain and wind. These are globular springtails (Collembola: Dicyrtomidae); possibly in the genus […]

Full time Technician- Cambridge

576    Nov. 21/16.  Orkin Canada is hiring for a full time Technician position out of our Cambridge office. This career entails inspections and treatments of buildings, communication with clients, identifying the source of infestation, determining type of treatments required, documentation, and providing recommendations to clients. Technician positions require a valid driving licence with a clean driving […]


5870    Cockroaches?  Found around bottom of A/C in window of suite in Sidney, BC, CANADA This is a western conifer seed bug.  It is one of the most common insect photos submitted for identification.  

Weevils eat fabric

4611  Do grain weevils eat fabric such as carpets or fabric on furniture?  Weevils will readily feed on cotton fabric found in furniture and clothing. Since they love dried flowers and plants, decorative ornaments found in the home such are wreathes and dried flower arrangements can harbor and feed local populations. It is not uncommon […]

Ants in apartment

4610  Small red/brown ants in my apartment. There are, other people in the building also have them. I’m certain there is a nest but i haven’t found it yet. I just want to know if getting an exterminator is worth it? Since they’re in this building. Also. Are they harmful to people? Thanks. You should […]

cockroach nymph

5869   I’ve had a German roach problem and exterminators came about 2 weeks ago (late October) but this bug does not look like any roach I’ve seen.  This one is dead and found near my electric kettle. I live in Montreal in a studio apartment. Note the small pincer like thing at the rear. Ps. each line […]

ground beetle

5868   Hi, I live in Washington state and found this bug at night under some maple leaves outside. I have never seen anything like this. Thank you. This is a larva of a ground beetle (Coleoptera: Carabidae); see http://tinyurl.com/hc9ts8x for an image of an adult along with a larva. These all are general predators on […]


5867   My name is Nigel and I live in Oshawa Ontario.  These pics were taken in our house.  The bugs appear year round. These are white “insects” about 2mm in length, white, and keep appearing on our Phalaeonopsis orchids. This looks like a mealybug (Hemiptera/Sternorrhyncha: Pseudococcidae); there are several species of mealybugs that will infest […]

Indian meal moth caterpillar

5866  I found this 1cm larvae crawling up the wall in the kitchen of my townhouse. I live on Vancouver Island, BC. Thanks.  This most likely is a caterpillar of an Indianmeal moth, Plodia interpunctella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae).These caterpillars will feed on a very wide variety of stored food products, including grain-based meals, dried fruit, nuts, […]

broad-nose/short-snouted weevil

5865    Hi! I am hoping someone can identify this bug for me in Edmonton,  Alberta.    Not to lead the answer but a friend has bedbugs and just thought I would take a good look in my house and found this in a plastic bin under my bed.  Thanks for your help with this!   Rebecca This […]

dark-winged fungus gnat

5864   Hey it’s Cal from Calgary, Alberta. I’ve killed about 50 of these little flies in my bedroom every day for the past week. I live in a basement apartment and I can’t find out where they’re coming from! Can you provide any help with identifying these guys? This is a dark-winged fungus gnat (Diptera: Sciaridae). […]

Wingless Moth

5863  Hello.   My name is Dianna. I have searched your site as well as the internet and have had no luck identifying this bug. Numerous appeared on the brick walls on outside of my home a week or two ago (1st-2nd week if November 2016). They have no wings and hardly move when touched.  The strange […]

Assassin Bug Nymph

5862   This bug was inside my step son shirt in the arm pit and bit him.  The bite left a welt like a bee sting and he said it felt like 2 bees stinging him.  Eastern Washington. This is a nymph of an assassin bug (Hemiptera/Heteroptera: Reduviidae), likely that of Reduvius personatus, a peridomestic species […]

Get rid of spider mites

4609  How do you get rid of teeny tiny red spider (?) mites on my window and window ledge? These tiny creatures can be difficult to see and difficult to control. Carefully examine your house plants for an infestation. You may need a magnifying glass to see them on the bottom of leaves. Isolate any […]

Jerusalem cricket

5861   My is Kaisa and we found this insect in Pendleton, Oregon. My students and I found this very interesting insect in a park near the end of October. The climate here is high desert, it’s very dry with low temperatures at night and in the 60s during the day, although we have been having […]

Pest Control Service Technician

#575  Nov. 17/16  Peregrine General Pest Control Inc. – Calgary, AB.   Pest Control Service Technician – Servicing Calgary & area. We are currently seeking to add a highly energetic and motivated individual to join our team. The primary role for this position will be to provide pest control service to commercial and residential clients. Prior pest control […]

female blister beetle

5860  Taken in backyard London Ontario Canada today.  Nov 10 2016 at about 1 pm.  Joanne This is a female blister beetle (Coleoptera: Meloidae) in the genus Meloe; beetles in this genus often are called oil beetles because of the oily fluid they exude from their joints when they are handled roughly. This fluid contains […]


5859  Hi I’m Shannon and I have been finding these bugs regularly on the main level of my home in Kitimat, BC. The odd time, I have also discovered a few on the outside Windows or along the house. I have noticed them year-round, I believe, if I can recall correctly. But sometimes my memory doesn’t serve […]

Camel Cricket

5858  Hello.   Can you help me identify this bug found in my bedroom of my fourth floor apartment on Nov 1, 2016 in Calgary, AB. See attached. Thank you.  Charles  This is a relative of grasshoppers and crickets known as a cave or camel cricket (Orthoptera: Rhaphidophoridae). Some people also call them ‘sprickets’ because of a […]

Dermestidae Beetle Larva

5857   Hello.   I found two of these bugs on the wall above my bed.  Any help would be great! Thank you.   Karen This looks like a larva of a beetle in the family Dermestidae (hide/skin/larder/carpet beetles and allies), possibly in the genus Anthrenus – see http://tinyurl.com/z3oqpsv for an example and http://tinyurl.com/zl9w25c elsewhere on this site […]

Residential Technicians in the GTA

Orkin Canada is hiring for GTA Residential positions for full and part time. This career entails inspections and treatments of buildings, communication with clients, identifying the source of infestation, determining type of treatments required, documentation, and providing recommendations to clients. Technician positions require a valid driving licence with a clean driving record, strong communication skills, […]