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plant bug

6108  My name is Lorie Hayter from Lower Sackville NS. These flying, bitting bugs have been on my black locust tree for the past 2 summers. Not sure what they are or how to get rid of them. This is a plant bug (Hemiptera/Heteroptera: Miridae) in the genus Lopidea, possibly Lopidea media; see https://tinyurl.com/y7c5986w for an […]

short-snouted/broad-nosed weevil

6107   Hi.  My name is Rob.  I live 40 km West of Toronto. Suddenly we have hundreds of these guys mainly on our door frames and window screens. They just started to crawl on interior walls and ceilings. They really tiny- like 3 millimeters in size.  It’s beginning of August and first I spotted them 3 weeks […]

wood wasps

6106  Hi there the picture I have attached I found in the basement of my parents house in Canada, I live in Edmonton Alberta. I was wondering if these are Mahogany also known as paper wasps and if so how to go about finding the best and how to kill it.  A picture is attached. Thanks.  Jaimie  […]

scarab beetle

6105    Hi,  Found this big guy in the garage today. He has some spider webs on him, but I wasn’t about to take them off…he only PLAYS dead! Beside a loonie for sizing.  Thanks!   Sharon.   Winnipeg Manitoba This is a This is a scarab beetle (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) in the genus Osmoderma; see https://tinyurl.com/ycmskym6 for an […]

short-snouted/broad-nosed weevil

6104   Attached are the following 2 photos of a bug mostly in the basement and they now are appear to be moving up to the main and second floors of our house. We live in Calgary.  What kind of big is this and how do we get rid of it?  Thanks JT. This is a short-snouted/broad-nosed […]

ground-nesting bee

6103  Hi. i found tons of these on my garden flowersbtoday on lac largille val des bois quebec. Not sure if its a green wasp. we have a wasp nest under the eavestrough. its new this spring. we have tons of bees as well. please help me id it.    thanks Sonja  This is a solitary ground-nesting […]

tile-horned prionus

6102   Hi,   Attached is a photo of a beetle we found by an outside doorway of our home. We live in Lake Country, BC Canada where it is summer and has been very hot and dry. It is 2 inches long.  It does have a bit of white dust or something on its body, antennae and […]

leaf beetle

6101   Hi. My name is Teresa. I have an infestation of these bugs on one type of bush at my camp site in Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park. (first noticed in mid to late June but still active as they move to new bushes) Do you know what they are? This is a leaf beetle (Coleoptera: […]

female wolf spider

6100  Aldershot area which is on the border between Hamilton and Burlington, Ontario. I searched through the spiders on your website but couldn’t find this one.   Found this spider today in an empty plant container. Took its pic and let it go. It’s body was about 1/2″ long. What’s curious is the three red orbs […]

long-horned wood-boring beetle

6099   I found it in Moncton, NB (August)   There have been several of them flying around and landing on the deck. Mike.  This is a long-horned wood-boring beetle (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) in the genus Monochamus, it looks like a northeastern pine sawyer, M. notatus – see https://tinyurl.com/y9huk6a3 for an image. This does not appear to be […]

German cockroach and nymphs

6098  Hello.   I have had the attached bugs for approximately 4-5 months (spring until end of summer).  They are approximately an inch (adult) and are mostly in the kitchen. They come out at night. They are indoors.   I am in Ottawa Ontario. Joanne, Thank you.  Like No. 6097, these also are German cockroaches, an adult and two […]

German cockroach nymph

6097   Hello ,   Found this insect in the 5th floor apartment, Noticing since 2 months (may), Toronto.   This comes in night outside specially in bathroom , earlier was in kitchen dustbin cabinet too but now after lot of cleaning reduced in kitchen,  found today in bedroom under the bed hiding when we were moving the […]


6096    Could you identify this for me please?  Found it while emptying my dehumidifier in the basement. About 1 inch in length.  Sarah M.   Toronto, Ontario.  July, 2017.  Thank you. This is a pole borer, Neandra brunnea (Coleoptera: Ceranbycidae; subfamily Parandrinae). See https://tinyurl.com/y97oksfo for an image and more detailed information. Ed Saugstad, retired entomologist; Sinks Grove, […]

dirt-colored seed bug or false chinch bug

6095  We just suddenly have thousands of these invading our back yard. We are in Penticton BC Canada in the south Okanagan Valley. This is a nymph of a bug in the superfamily Lygaeoidea, possibly either a dirt-colored seed bug (family Rhyparochromidae) or a false chinch bug (family Lygaeidae). In either case, these are nuisance pests […]

leaf-footed bug nymph

6094    Please tell me what this is.   I live in Quinte West, Ontario and this bug was on my screen door around dinner time. I live close to a creek and have many spruce and cedar trees around. The she’ll on its back almost looks prehistoric with spikes on it.  Hope to hear from you. Dana  […]

Sphinx moth caterpillar

6093  Hi.  Photo taken yesterday near Franklin Qc.    Arnold  This is a caterpillar of a sphinx moth (Lepidoptera: Sphingidae; it appears to be that of a bedstraw hawk moth, Hyles gallii -see https://tinyurl.com/y9r6smr8 for images and more detailed information. Ed Saugstad, retired entomologist; Sinks Grove, WV.

dragonfly naiad (nymph)

6092   Hello,  My name is Tammy. I am from Winnipeg, MB. We found this bug crawling along the wet sand on the eastern shore of Lake Winnipeg. Can you identify it? This is a naiad (nymph) of a dragonfly that has completed its aquatic development and is seeking a safe place to undergo metamorphosis to the […]

long-horned wood-boring beetle

6091  I just found this insect on my clematis vine. It is 10:30pm, still very hot here in Kamloops.  The body is close to 4 cm.  I would appreciate identification. Thank you.  Lynne This is a long-horned wood-boring beetle (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae), possibly Ergates spiculatus, known as the timberworm -see https://tinyurl.com/ybxpjl8b for images and more detailed information. […]

Stink bug nymph

6090   I spotted this small bug while camping at Awenda Provincial Park in Ontario and thought at first it could be a tick, but then compared the picture to tick pictures online and it looks different. Could you please identify this bug for me? Thanks.  Angela This is a nymph of a stink bug (Hemiptera/Heteroptera: […]

Dermestidae carpet beetle larva

6089    Hello.  We have been noticing more and more of these popping up in our home. I live in barrie ontario and these photos were taken in July 2017.    They are indoors in the kitchen. I find one or two everyday. Today was the last draw as I found one in my lunch bag. It’s pretty hot out […]

roundheaded poplar borer

6088   Found this Beetle in Sherwood Park Alberta.  Mike C.  This is a roundheaded poplar borer, Saperda calcarata (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae), see https://tinyurl.com/3t6lf74 for an image and more detailed information.  Ed Saugstad, retired entomologist; Sinks Grove, WV.

darkling beetle

6087  Hello, could you help me in identifying this bug found indoors in Montreal, Canada.  kindly yours, Danny This is a darkling beetle (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae), likely in the genus Tenebrio – see https://tinyurl.com/pf53k4 for an example. Their larvae are known as mealworms, and they occasionally can become pests of grains that have been improperly stored – see https://tinyurl.com/y8craz7d for […]


6086   Hi, I’m Lorraine from North Vancouver BC. This flying bug showed up on the morning of July 21, and has been resting on an exterior brick wall all day long. I live in a forested area with many hemlock and cedar trees, as well as large maples. We also have some dead or decaying […]

giant lichen orb weaver

6081   Hello, My name is Danielle, I was in Penetanguishene, Ontario visiting some family when we came across this spider. It was sitting on the screen of the kitchen window with its legs all tucked together and facing out in front of its body. It was rather large, its body being roughly the size of a quarter […]

brown prionid

6085   Please help me what is this. It was climbing up my coach after everyone came inside. It is summer at night time around 10 all the lights are on and they were never shut off we are remodelling our kitchen sink so there was a hole in our kitchen or maybe you could have come […]

scale insects

6084  Mike  here in Winters, California. These photos were taken on a Salvia Clevlandii leaf, date and time as noted on photos.  They were taken with an Aven eScope, so I don’t know the magnification, but these were not visible to the naked eye. Any help greatly appreciated as this has turned into an infestation of […]

pupa and larva of a lady beetle

6083  Good morning, I found these insects on my Italian plum tree on Vancouver Island. They attach to leaves and fruit by punchers on they back end and cause damage. They are about 4-5mm in length. Any ideas? These are a pupa and larva of a lady beetle (Coleoptera:, Coccinellidae); likely the Asian multi-colored lady beetle, […]

Stink Bug

6082  Hi, We found this crawling in our rooftop deck, middle of the day, mid-summer and have never seen one before. It’s about 1.5cm. We have a lot of container plants and something has been chomping on a few, but we can’t find the culprit. Could this be it? Is it a beetle / weevil? Anything […]

Customer Service Representative/Dispatcher Scheduler, Scarborough

Description: We have an opening for a full time permanent Customer Service Representative/Dispatcher Scheduler at our Scarborough branch. Duties will include: • Liaison between call center and residential branches • Dispatching technicians and sending out daily schedules • Attend to customers’ questions, requests, problem resolution, sales, etc. • Paperwork processing; data entry; scheduling; data analysis […]

Full-time permanent Sales and Service Technicians in Scarborough & Richmond Hill

We have an opening for a full-time permanent Sales and Service Technicians in SCARBOROUGH or Richmond Hill and surrounding areas. Duties will include: • Inspect buildings and outside areas at regular intervals • Determine type of treatment required and provide estimate of cost to clients • Prepare and spray product on infested areas using mechanical or […]

lined June beetles

6080  Hello. My son Griff found this fuzzy winged critter outside our barn this morning right below a birds nest. It’s been a late summer here in Aldergrove, BC. The heat just recently arrived and its July 2017. I did a bit of looking and I’m guessing a scarub beetle of some sort perhaps?   Thanks! Shannon This […]

Japanese beetle

6079 What kind of pest is this.   Stripping tree about 40 of them on a yearling birch. This is a Japanese beetle, Popillia japonica (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae), a very obnoxious pest in many parts of North America. Their larvae are turf pests, feeding on the roots of grasses, and the adult beetles feed voraciously on foliage and […]

‘dog-day’ cicada

6078   Is this some kind of clear wing Sphinx moth? It’s about 4cm long. I was mowing grass in Georgetown Ontario yesterday and this insect was very angry at my lawn mower. It kept attacking it for over 5 minutes then it came at me. I shut down the lawn mower and it left. When […]