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scarlet malachite beetle larva

5822  Hi there,  I’m Greg and live in Edmonton. A week ago moved in to the new duplex. I realized that every day was finding an insect at home in different locations like a bathroom, walk in closet, kitchen and this morning even in my daughter bed. I didn’t met this gays before so have […]

burying/sexton beetle

5821  Found this trying to fly on a warm sunny day on Quadra Island BC. I can’t identify the large insect but assume mites are on his/her back.  The mites if that’s what they are eventually killed the larger insect after an hour or so of serious torment. This is a burying/sexton beetle (Coleoptera: Silphidae) in […]

Harmless western conifer seed bug

5820   My name is Erin. I found this bug in my apartment in Nova Scotia, Canada. I have been waking up with bug bites the last few weeks (September). On Thursday October 6 I woke up with a bite on my hand and one on my pinky, hand was swollen and red and bite was extremely […]

moth in the family Alucitidae

5819   This moth is about 1 cm wide. They are new to our farmhouse and are small enough to wiggle into the house past the edges of the screens on the windows.  They are attracted to the nightlight so I have counted 10 in our bathroom in the morning.  When I kill them they are […]

wingless parasitic wasp

5818   Hi. I found this ant running around the edge of my cat’s water bowl. It is red with a black head and long pointy thing on the butt end. Can you tell me about it? It was in Gibsons, BC. Thanks!  Tracy This is not an ant, but a small wingless parasitic wasp of […]

Phorid flies pupae

5817   My name is Ellie…  These photos were taken in Columbus, Ohio.  In October, these bugs were found under the cat’s water bowl on an ident on the underside of the bowl. The area around where they were found was wet and bowl had not been moved for a bit. (The apartment has AC and […]

Male orb weaving spider

5816  Seen crawling up the wall at my school! Please let me know if we should be cautious! please help, I’ve been scouring the Internet for hours and can’t seem to find anything that resembles this. This is a male orb weaving spider, likely in the genus Araneus. Unlike the females, males often are found wandering […]

Stink Bug

5814  Can  you please help me identify this bug.    It appears to have 2 legs on each side and antennae on its head.  I live in Windsor Ontario. Sherri This looks like a brown marmorated stink bug, Halyomorpha halys (Hemiptera/Heteroptera: Pentatomidae), an invasive species that has become widely established in North America. See http://tinyurl.com/nkexo3 […]

Milkweed bug

Hello there I have lived in Bowmanville Ontario for about 15 years now and I have never seen this bug, until 3 days ago I saw one and thought nothing of it. Then I saw a post on Facebook warning if you see this bug in your house then go to a disease heath center […]

Kissing bug/Chegas disease

Hi I just move to Oshawa 2 months ago and I was looking on Facebook about the kissing bug and I think I have it in my back yard and I’m scared and worried that I got bitten by it or my family got bite by it I would also like to know if there […]

Cluster flies

I have what I believe to be cluster flies all over the west wall of my house and getting into my house. How to get rid of them…fast! You should caulk and screen all potential entry points, especially on the south or sunny side of your home. Control can be achieved by applying a pesticide […]

moth in the family Geometridae

5812 Good day.  I found this moth clinging to my backdoor and have no idea what kind of moth it is.  I live in Calgary Alberta.  Can you help? This is a moth in the family Geometridae. Their larvae often are called inchworms, measuring worms, loopers, etc. because of their peculiar method of locomotion see http://preview.tinyurl.com/jukyqtu […]

click beetle

5811  Can you please help In identifying this bug found in my house, London Ontario. Thank  you.  Mark This is a small click beetle (Coleoptera: Elateridae); these are accidental intruders that will do no damage indoors. Ed Saugstad, retired entomologist; Sinks Grove, WV.

Powder post beetles

5810  Hi could you identify what insect makes these holes? I believe it may be a beetle of some kind. Brad.  Walkerton Ontario. The size of the holes and the very fine sawdust would indicate powder post beetles are doing the damage. See http://tinyurl.com/gqgf7gr for tips on distinguishing the types of wood-boring beetles based on […]

mygalomorph spider

5809   Hi,   I live in Kelowna BC  This beauty was found in my garage in November 2015.  I recently (couple of weeks ago – August 2016)  found another while walking down the road not far from my house.  I am curious as to what it is.  They are approximately the size of a loonie.  Thank […]

nymph or exoskeleton of a nymph of a cicada

5808   What kind of bug is this please?   This was taken in Toronto this morning. (Sept. 29) Roland. This is either a nymph or exoskeleton of a nymph of a cicada (Hemiptera/ Auchenorrhyncha: Cicadidae), likely that of one of the so-called ‘dog-day’ cicadas in the genus Neotibicen. The nymphs of these insects spend one to […]

carrion/burying beetle

5807  HI my name is Kevin. I’m from Sundre, Alberta, Canada. It’s the beginning of fall.  I have found these beetles in my house before and upon hours of looking online I can’t seem to find a match for them. Ive found some close but not the same. This one is approximately 2-2.5cm long. And […]

western conifer seed bug

5806    Can you please let me know what kind of bugs these are? My husband mentioned how they looked like Chagas (the kissing bugs) and I’ve been worried ever since. We live in Bc Canada and they have been all over our house for the past month. Thanks This is a harmless nuisance pest; it’s […]

Wasps in apartment

4599  An elderly friend has had wasps entering her apartment presumably through a spare bedroom window although we don’t know how.  They essentially come in to die.  They are sluggish when they first appear and are dead soon after.  Why?  We are in Kingston Ontario.  They aren’t particularly bothersome but my friend is preoccupied with […]

predaceous diving beetle

5805   Hi. My name is Tim, and I am located in Hanwell, New Brunswick. I found this dried out husk in my patio door track. I believe it may be a dried out, deflated June Bug, but I wanted to make sure it wasn’t something nasty that got into my house. It appears to be […]

fungus feeder or scavenger

5804    I live in Minnesota and have never seen this tiny super bright red beetle type bug that borrows little holes all over the place. I pulled this long out of my old 1800’s Catholic Church that rest on my farm. Weather right now is 75 and hardly any humidity. It Sept.19th 2016. And I […]


5803   Hi there, I found this very tiny insect in my bathroom. It has an oval shape and yellow color, 6 legs and 2 antennas. The macro zoom is 19x. Could I please know the name of this insect?   Thank you in advance,   – Gregory This is not an insect, but a mite. What appear to […]

Cave orb weaver spider

5802  This is a spider that had MANY buddies, they were in the crawlspace under a house our employees were working in Muskoka Lakes, Ontario.  Him and his friends scared the guys, they are convinced he is toxic, I believe he is not.  Would you like to settle our argument. Jennifer.  This spider, Meta ovalis, is […]

Box Elder bug swarm

5801  My name is Cynthia Reason and I’m a reporter with Metroland Media Toronto.  I was wondering if you can tell me if the insects in the attached photo are Box Elders Bugs or not?  We’ve had a couple of concerned residents contact us about a fairly large swarm of them in York, and we […]

Dermestid Beetle

5800  Hello, found this little guy on my pillow this morning in my apartment. About 4mm long. I believe he has wings but has not flown. I don’t have any bites on me (I’ve had bedbug bites in the past while travelling). No other signs of bugs or feces. Please keep me know what you think.  Thanks, Jill […]

Foreign grain beetle

5799  Hi, I’m from waterloo Ontario. I am finding these tiny beetle bugs constantly in my home. I have no idea what they are or if it’s a real issue. I’ve attached a few pictures. Thank you Samantha This appears to be Ahasverus advena (Coleoptera: Silvanidae), a nuisance pest known as the foreign grain beetle or […]


5798  Hello I am from winnipeg Manitoba, it is September 15th and in the 20s for out door temperature. I found this bug climbing down my wall in my house, I am going through bed bug treatments and was last sprayed September 13th. I am hoping that what ever this bug is, that it is […]

Boxelder bugs

5797    Hello.   I am in Kingston, ON and curious to know what this specimen might be.  I found many of them sunning themselves on the stucco of a foundation.   Thank you for this service,   Matthew. These are boxelder bugs (Hemiptera/Heteroptera: Rhopalidae; Boisea sp.); likely the eastern boxelder bug, B. trivittata. These basically are nuisance pests […]

female orb weaving spider

5796  Can you please tell me what kind of spider this is. Found on a cement pad in Thunder Bay, Sept 13/2016 Sunny weather, Helen This is a female orb weaving spider in the genus Araneus that has deposited her eggs and is approaching the end of her natural life. Both A. marmoreus and A. […]


5795   Found in our daughter’s bed after she woke up with bites!  Measures about 1-2mm – very small!  Thank you!  Susi.  Calgary. This a flea that will feed on any warm blooded creature, especially humans.  To eliminate them in your home 1) Take your pets to a vet for treatment, 2) Vacuum, Vacuum, vacuum. 3) […]

burying/sexton beetle Beetle with hitch-hikers

5794  Hi I’m wondering what kind of bug this is. It’s a beetle type bug with little red spiders/ticks all over it. It flew in my car window as I was driving. My name is Brad and I live in Bancroft Ontario Canada. This is a burying/sexton beetle (Coleoptera: Silphidae) in the genus Nicrophorus. The little red critters […]

Well fed Toronto bed bug

5793  Last night I sent a picture of a bug I found in my bed. It was taken with my cell. I found a live version of this bug this morning on my carpet and have taken a better picture with my camera (I hope). I really hoping it isn’t a bedbug. Once again, I […]